Sunday, January 9, 2011

kardashians and pretzels.

i love the kardashians. can i just say that? i think all of them are fascinating. here are three reasons why.

#1. i saw something on e! about kim and she was talking about juggling a career and a life and everything else (she is kind of my hero). anyways, she said something about how boys always say girls are SO CONFUSING and yet...we're not. she says something like, "girls want two things -- love and attention." DUH. basically kim's a genius.

2. khloe went to africa last month. i am SO JEALOUS. hopefully in the next year or so, i'll be able to say i've gone there too.

3. i love reading kourtney's blog because she always says funny things and has adorable clothes. she made three new year's resolutions that i think i want to follow too -- enjoy the moment -- be more spontaneous -- cook at least one meal per week.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
in other news, my schedule has been all over the place lately (with holidays and everything) and it was going to be better this week but now it's not (boo). oh well. but at least i'm enjoying my time off this weekend plus i'm cooking things again which makes me happy.
^ the bottom two are from my 1st batch. the top middle is from my 2nd batch and the top corners are from my 3rd batch. little by little...they got better. i think i'll try more this weekend and see if i can tweak the recipe and make them even more delicious. YUM.


sarah said...

those look like PRETZEL BURGER BUNS <3

i miss you.

Mrs. D said...

mmm. they look so good. haha but they are enormous! you should dip them in chocolate....

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

It's kind of my pet peeve when people say they are stupid. THEY ARE NOT STUPID THEY ARE AWESOME.

that's all I have to say.


Beth Grimmett said...

Anna... I'm learning so much that I never knew about you! I Love it! and I Love you!

P.S. I think Brian is hoping I cook at least once a week too.... lucky if I can get to that!