Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the b-squared fiasco.

tuesday night...first of its kind.
discourses of bom. hanging with cousin.
klondike bars. three kinds.
out of nowhere...second impression time.
b-squared. cool sweater.
so...where do you live?
minutes and miles.
yes. i remember sunday.
remind me soon. he remembers.
but don't worry...he'll be here.
[[apparently second impressions aren't my forte either]]
plans for running it all off.
out the door.
is that a parking spot?
[[third impressions? similar to seconds]]
somehow...i forgot to say goodbye.
he remembers.
should have asked about friday.
i have no idea where to park.

fiascos are what i'm all about.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

fantasy baseball (sort of).

i have a fantasty baseball team. kind of.

i mean, it was only tonight when i went to dave and buster's with brian and kyle that i realized how little i had been paying attention to baseball this year. i used to be so into it...watching games all the time, keeping track of players, i was like a manager of my own little team. basically, that's what fantasy sports is all about anyways.

but tonight, i'm watching a reds / indians game -- the two teams from ohio -- that i realize i don't have any idea who half of the players are on either team. and i think about my fantasy team and how i have neglected it (i'm probably in last place since i never check it, but at this point, whatever) and wonder why something that i enjoyed in the past could be so on-the-back-burner this summer.

i told myself, maybe i'm just too busy for fantasy baseball.

but really, that's not true. because i think i realized / decided something. it's not rocket science. and it's not anything that everyone else doesn't know. but i'm beginning to see it more and more in my only make time for the things you want to make time for.

and this summer, baseball's just not a priority. a lot of things aren't priorities. this has become good and bad...some things that should be important have hit the back burner just as bad. meanwhile, other things that are maybe not-as-important have found themselves at the forefront of my efforts and energy. stuff is messed up.

but it's working itself out.
and by that, i mean i'm working it out (i think).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

woke up at two a.m.

that's what i did today.

maybe i'm crazy...but i can't get enough of being at my station.
love love love it.

most of our interns are there two or three days a week. this week...i'll do five. not that i'm anything better or awesome-er than them...but seriously. you have these few months to hang out with real, live reporters / photogs / producers / editors /'ve got to make the most of it. because soon it will be over and you won't get to hang out and pick their brains over hot smoothies.

i tried to go to bed early last night, but that really didn't work too well. i got up around 2:30 today though, and was at the station by four. we had two live hits for the morning shows (5:30 and 6:00 for today, the entire show goes from five to seven) and then we got to take a break. you know what that!!

many of the early morning people thrive on coffee...and a good bunch of the regular day people do too. apparently there's something magical and wonderful about coffee that i am unable to share with them. oh well. today i found out there is such a thing as a "hot smoothie" -- basically a flavored coffee, minus the coffee. i got hazlenut and it was pretty yummy.

then we to the courthouse for an arraignment, my first ever. basically they bring in people who were arrested and formally charge them for crimes. it is very official. we were there for these three cousins who were joyriding on father's day (all three are 24 and each have a child) and decided to fire shots into a taco bell parking lot. they hit this 17-year-old girl in the face...she is in the hospital now, but for real. insane.

i spent the rest of the morning chasing after an attempted abductor and then..well that was it. i came home and totally crashed.

woke up later, ran 8.65 miles in an hour, went to the store, and now...relaxing. another day of news tomorrow...and then the next day...and then the day after the day after that (friday is my day off). i think that if i could just do news and go for a nice long run every day, it would be the best thing ever.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

things i learned on vacation.


- you cant escape the police on oak island
- southern accents really grind on my nerves
- you can never have enough donuts (or yogurt) to satisfy my family
- it always sounds like someones in the shower when you stay at a condo right on the beach
- pull-out beds (from couches) are the most uncomfortable things ever
- spf 4 and spf 70 work about the same
- sea gulls love french fries
- trips with the fam take about twice as long as solo drives, due to stopping for food (for like an hour), to pee, for cookies, etc.
- pursuit of happyness is the most depressing movie ever
- running on the beach is an awesome workout
-if the pasta you ordered was $15, that means it's going to be an effing huge plate full of noodles
- top model is always just have to find the right channel
- my family is full of awesome hula-hoopers
- ...but we're also terrible at badminton. plus we break all the equipment...
- my family bonds over ice cream and karaoke. top that.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

gotta go.

we're going to myrtle beach in a few hours, after much craziness and other things that had to work out just exactly perfectly in order for me to be able to go with the fam.

will i have internet in s.c.?

no clue.

but i miss the news already : (
(and everyone else...duh)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sock problems.

somewhere, secretly suppressed within my sound-asleep and subconscious self, i am deeply concerned about socks...namely mismatched ones. i'll be honest...this is pretty disconcerting.

if it had been one dream, maybe i could brush my shoulders off and think it was just a crazy night and my imagination was running wild. but now there have been at least a couple, just this summer. and unconscious anna is very distraught about mismatched socks.

why? why does it really matter? in real life, i have mostly matching socks. some of them don't match, but that's okay. at least i thought so. maybe it's not anymore?

and not only mismatched socks, but missing socks.
some of my favorite ones...just gone.

if only socks could talk.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

i don't know.

sometimes, i just don't know.

things are great. i have a fab internship. i love everything about it. i'm in ohio. i love it here. i'm with my friends. we hang out all the time and see movies and watch sports and everything is awesome. for real. how did i get to be so lucky?

and still...i don't know.

i think i'm just crazy. i mean, what more could i want, right?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

reasons why my mom is awesome.

- she basically makes her own jewelry. she buys things she likes and then takes them apart and pieces them together until they are awesome. she does the same with clothes, buying them and altering them. she's a great seamstress and jewelry designer and all her stuff is one-of-a-kind.

- she thinks like me. example: she made dinner for me tonight, pouring boiling water with a measuring cup into my noodles, as we discussed whether or not we had enough chocolate chips to make brownies. she dried the cup and we put the chocolate chips in the measuring cup to see how much we had...and then they started melting!! we were both really surprised that this happened. because we think alike. and then we got spoons and started eating them. yum.

- she stayed home and raised me and my sisters and brother. that is a feat in and of itself. plus she loves us. duh.

- she has a really strong testimony. she converted, served a mission, and started a family. she knows the church is true and she knows what she needs to do here and she does it. she is a really great example for me.

- she doesn't make a fuss. we listen to her and we know she's in charge, but she doesn't have to yell to do it.

- she loves shoes. and clothes. and shopping. as evidenced by the walk-in closet that my parents "share" which is full of her many-colored shoes and outfits (i think dad gets maybe one shelf, if he's lucky). the mom-shoe-store is always open and she's willing to let the daughters browse through. bonus: all kron girls (+ ruth) have very close to the same size feet so we can all share.

- she loves ewan mcgregor and johnny depp. just like me.

- she and daniel and i all look alike, colorwise and such. a definite bonus since we all share genes.

- she loves to read books. she reads all the time...about all sorts of things. maybe all this reading is how her english got so good?

- oh. speaking of which, she left her home and entire family in chile to come to the united states and start a family with my dad, in a country where she didn't know the language and didn't know a soul. that took courage, and at least a lot of faith.

- she's my mom! and she's awesome.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

shopping. omg.

i was watching "what not to wear" with my mom today. we were discussing how disgusting it is to see those lame ladies gripe and whine about having to spend $10,000 or whatever on fabulous clothes when we would kill for that kind of green to blow on outfits while also hanging out clinton and stacy. and then getting total makeovers.

well cry me a river, ungrateful stupid lady, as you wander around nyc with $300 jeans, coach purses and outfits that i can only ever dream of owning (someday when i rob a bank and finally have some cash to my name).

anyways, i went shopping today. i don't do this so much -- a. because i'm too busy. and b. because i'm basically not making much money so i'm trying not to spend much. but after the way this summer's been going, i thought it would be fun to treat myself with clothes.

two skirts (one pink, one black, both pencil skirts, which i've never really ventured to try but have decided that i love). one dress (black and white and a cool design. good for church or the news yay). and a pair of brown pants (since i don't have a pair. might as well, right?). and a yellow sports bra (it's a livestrong brand one, so all the money it cost went to cancer research. pretty awesome). and i didn't spend more than $30 on a single piece. because i'm picky about stuff like that.

the only down-side about shopping is that i remember how much i still need to work out and burn some extra lbs. f'realz. i've started running more lately, but so far i think i look basically the same. lameee. oh well. i think i'm going to start training for the half marathon again, now that i'm making time to run more. ahh, the joys of cross training (among other things). we'll see how long that lasts.

month goal for june: hula hoop every day.

(did you know i make month goals? i do. wayyy easier to keep track of than new years resolutions)