Monday, April 30, 2012

i'm keeping my baby.

as an adult, i've made many choices.
some were bigger than others, but each had its own consequences. 
a while ago, i made a VERY BIG ONE and i'm pleased to announce --

it's baby time.

just kidding.
(please don't have a heart attack, mom)

actually, it's way better than that.
my four-year-old baby is FINALLY MINE.
 as of recently, my darling lex officially belongs to me.
take that, 5/3 bank.
looks like you will need to find someone else
to send you my former "consequence" -- $185.06 every month.
 in other news, please enjoy these pics of
me and my fam doing google hangouts.
and to answer your question, no. 
none of them knew i was taking these pics,
which is why they are awesome.
(click to enlarge)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

where to start?!

it's been such a long time since i've updated my blog...
i'm not even sure where to begin.

let's start with south bend. i went there to visit some friends
during the first weekend of march madness.
ohio state fans!! how can you not love that?
the buckeye game itself was very intense... 
don't worry though. buckeyes won (of course).
 we watched other games.
and sometimes arm wrestled.
at some point, i went to the notre dame campus.
very pretty.
 here's their super-famous football stadium (sean's fav).
we celebrated st. patrick's day with some dancing 
(and water since it was probably a million degrees in there). 
 and also singing along with "hang on sloopy." obviously. 
 and then at some point i went back to wisconsin. 
on my way through chicago, i got stuck in traffic (like always) right next to white sox stadium.  
and also right next to these stacks of books.
 the end.