Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ridiculous people.

i think it is safe to say that this world is full of ridiculous people.

example one: this was actually last week, but we played "where's waldo" at the mall for FHE. we had to find people from the ward who were dressed up (like superman, hippies, hobos, bumble bees, michael jackson and -- of course -- waldo) and it was really fun. the ridiculous part was when you would see someone and say, "wow that is a crazy outfit," and then realize that is just what they chose to wear out in public that night. seriously...some people...

and then today: i left the gym and noticed the parking spot right in front of mine was empty. i got in my car and decided to make a list of things i needed at the store before i left. i looked up a minute later and there was a lady in a pickup truck parked in the spot right in front of me. that is fine, i totally didn't mind that, except for how she was not getting out of her car and was just staring at me like a total creeper. i tried to ignore her and finish my list and a few minutes later, i did. she was STILL THERE. and then when i left the parking lot, i saw her turn her car back on, pull through the spot and then park LIKE FIVE FEET FROM WHERE SHE WAS ORIGINALLY PARKING in the spot i had been sitting in for a good couple of minutes as she waited and glared at me. seriously...some people...

anyways, my day was like that...filled with crazy people. the end.

Monday, March 29, 2010

almost anniversary.

at the end of next month will be my two year anniversary with lex ( :
i think i've put 15,000+ on him each year we've been together.
and he's still awesome and i still love him
(and he still loves me...duh). xoxox

...remember our first anniversary?

two favorites.

oh hello, favorite green headband.
good to see you are BROKEN.

i mean, it's not like you were terribly expensive or unique,
but you were my favorite and i was super-sad when i looked in my purse and found you in two pieces.

in order to keep myself from feeling so terribly bad about this,
i will try to use this as an analogy for my weekend. weekend wasn't so bad. i ended up spending more money than i originally planned getting things put together for news stuff, but i did some fun things, hung out with good friends and danced like a crazy person on a few different occasions.

and tiny incident of bad fortune was enough
to leave me in tears outside in the campus parking lot.
just like one little break ruined my favorite headband.

but i'm okay.
i have other headbands and i will have other opportunities to figure things out that will surely be much more awesome than [[whatever it is what i was hoping to do that i won't go into right now]].
and maybe i can get another green headband.
but even if i dont, that's okay.
because tomorrow is another day. the end.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"so...are you the older sister?...or the younger one?"

as if i'm not having enough of an identity crisis lately...i got to hear that line not once, but twice today while having dinner with sarah.

i mean...seriously??

it's a funny place i'm in right now. i feel so old. i (apparently) look so young. i'm practically a college graduate with two majors that i totally love...and no clue what i plan to do a month from now. i love to cook. i love to run. i love to be with other humans. i love stories. i love america's next top model. i love starburst jelly beans. i love the sound my keys make. i love "imagine dragons." i love adventures. i love the color red. i love theatre. and i love the news.

so...what should i do? thoughts?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


here is my emily. she has to take lots of pills with lots of colors.
here is kevin. he drinks out of the toilet sometimes.
and yes...he's a cat.
here are GIGANTIC strawberries. how is this natural?
for the sake of comparison, i put a blackberry next to them.
here is where i got summoned for jury duty. and they offered me a whopping $20 a day in compensation. tempting...
here is a picture from when i got my hair cut a little bit.
and here is the raspberry swirl cheesecake i made last week.
significantly better than my last ones? i'd say yes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

M@+H _ & _ $C1EN(E _ ?!

so i went from having a monster sore throat and no voice to a giant ball of walking, talking super-flu (allergies? cold? hay fever? random symptoms of an early and sudden death?)...anyways...instead of being more descriptive, i'll leave that one to your imagination.

remember the last time i was sick? it was january (because my life is awesome and suddenly my body is immune to staying healthy) and it was approximately a month of wanting to sleep and eat soup all of the time. remember the only thing that made me feel better?

(...besides smiley orange juice...)


how weird is that? i mean, as if my body wasn't working hard enough producing snot and other gross things and making me feel sedated all the time, it seemed to enjoy working up a sweat and logging a few miles on my red and white new balances.

so after today's escapade, i felt like going to bed after my (deathly long and awful) evening class...but i didn't. instead, i went for a run.

and guess what?

it was the only 45 minutes of the day that i wasn't sneezing or coughing or blowing my nose or anything. i felt AWESOME.

i'll be honest. i'm no bill nye. i gave up on math years ago and science is like another how is this physically possible?

i don't know. you tell me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

more orange juice please.

thank goodness for my absolute favorite thing lately:
some time late last week i started to feel that familiar itch in the back of my throat and through the weekend, i've had varying levels of not-having-a-voice and it's just been not-fun.
i've been eating honey-lemon drops like candy and today i tried some more dayquil (for a refresher course of how i feel about drugs, check out my post from january) and i've basically been sleeping non-stop, which has been good and bad.
p.s. dear body. remember when i was sick for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY?! i thought we'd worked something out so i wouldn't have to do that again, but apparently you're a jerk. from anna.
mondays are usually more relaxing for me, but once tuesday hits, my week is in full swing and i won't get another break until the weekend.
so here's hoping i can get enough happy orange juice in my system to keep me going until then.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

far away.

daylight savings time happened last night.
so for 120 minutes...ohio was three hours away from me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

so i like to cook.

this weekend: cheesecakes.
the first cheesecake of the weekend was an experimental raspberry swirl cheesecake...i need to work on my "swirling" but it tasted pretty good, especially with real raspberries on top.
cheesecake #2 was more of a challenge...a german chocolate cheesecake. here's how it looked right out of the oven.
...and here's how it looked after the frosting and glaze ( :

top layer: coconut and pecan yummy homemade frosting.
middle layer: chocolate cake.
bottom layer: traditional new york style cheesecake.
and all for who?
these awesome boys right here, mikey and thorn.
they made me i made them some cheesecake.
i've been having an itch to cook lately, so if you're hungry and you want something made just for know who to call ( :

Saturday, March 6, 2010

new house.

so it was about a week ago that i decided to pack up my stuff and move up to pleasant grove. and short of a quick visit this weekend to clean some things (fingerprints on the walls? seriously, landlord?) i won't ever have to live in provo ever again. what an awesome feeling.

i knew that it would be time to leave soon, but it came in a different way than i expected.

then again, what can we really expect to happen in life? if there's anything i've learned in the past few weeks, it's that nothing is ever guaranteed, but...things will work out. maybe not the way you hoped and almost certainly not the way you planned but somehow...some way...things have a way of making themselves okay.

after being in the new place (with R & D & K & the GDB) for almost a week, i finally had a few minutes to unpack today. lots of things are still in boxes and probably will stay that way, but at least i can find my underwear and shampoo and other important things like that.

so...hello, march. hopefully you will be at least a little nicer to me than february was. let's see how this goes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

february: in words.

28 days...28 words.

breathe. hope. decide. lucky. surprise. lift. look.
time. prioritize. fleeting. heart. hurry. alone. wait.
comfort. wonder. forget. remember. listen. pineapples. dessert.
dream. stop. exasperate. out. relief. poop. move.

thank goodness february is over.

time for...something else.