Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"so...are you the older sister?...or the younger one?"

as if i'm not having enough of an identity crisis lately...i got to hear that line not once, but twice today while having dinner with sarah.

i mean...seriously??

it's a funny place i'm in right now. i feel so old. i (apparently) look so young. i'm practically a college graduate with two majors that i totally love...and no clue what i plan to do a month from now. i love to cook. i love to run. i love to be with other humans. i love stories. i love america's next top model. i love starburst jelly beans. i love the sound my keys make. i love "imagine dragons." i love adventures. i love the color red. i love theatre. and i love the news.

so...what should i do? thoughts?


skroner said...


i mean seriously.. looking at that list. it's quite simple.

skroner said...

p.s. just love you being my younger sister sometimes.. JOKE.

Natalie Marie said...

come help me start my bakery!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're moving to LA! Rock it!

Nah, you're such a heart kinda girl, the answer is already inside you. You just have to trust that what it's saying is right.

That's kinda the trick, isn't it? It's not about theatre*, news, being drop dead gorgeous, or America's Next Top Model.

You said it already, "adventures" -- it seems to me that your rather pleased when you are the adventure of your choice.

So.... looking around and seeing what adventures do you have open to you might be helpful.

*(yes, stupid spell checker that is the proper spelling)

Maskmario10 said...

lol just say both-even if they think your my younger sis XD

skroner said...

HAHAHA if someone thinks that you're daniel's younger sister..

i will probably pee my pants.

good try though daniel (;