Thursday, March 18, 2010

M@+H _ & _ $C1EN(E _ ?!

so i went from having a monster sore throat and no voice to a giant ball of walking, talking super-flu (allergies? cold? hay fever? random symptoms of an early and sudden death?)...anyways...instead of being more descriptive, i'll leave that one to your imagination.

remember the last time i was sick? it was january (because my life is awesome and suddenly my body is immune to staying healthy) and it was approximately a month of wanting to sleep and eat soup all of the time. remember the only thing that made me feel better?

(...besides smiley orange juice...)


how weird is that? i mean, as if my body wasn't working hard enough producing snot and other gross things and making me feel sedated all the time, it seemed to enjoy working up a sweat and logging a few miles on my red and white new balances.

so after today's escapade, i felt like going to bed after my (deathly long and awful) evening class...but i didn't. instead, i went for a run.

and guess what?

it was the only 45 minutes of the day that i wasn't sneezing or coughing or blowing my nose or anything. i felt AWESOME.

i'll be honest. i'm no bill nye. i gave up on math years ago and science is like another how is this physically possible?

i don't know. you tell me.


Natalie Marie said...

maybe I should try that, my nose is running like a faucet and I'm about to go on air

skroner said...

why are we just twins sometimes?

i always run when i'm feeling gross. and i always feel STELLAR afterwardst. when i get headaches and painkillers don't work, a run always does the trick then, too.

i'm a spanish ed major though.. so i'm just as lost as you are on this whole deal.

but i just love and just love (: