Sunday, March 21, 2010


here is my emily. she has to take lots of pills with lots of colors.
here is kevin. he drinks out of the toilet sometimes.
and yes...he's a cat.
here are GIGANTIC strawberries. how is this natural?
for the sake of comparison, i put a blackberry next to them.
here is where i got summoned for jury duty. and they offered me a whopping $20 a day in compensation. tempting...
here is a picture from when i got my hair cut a little bit.
and here is the raspberry swirl cheesecake i made last week.
significantly better than my last ones? i'd say yes.


skroner said...

<3 emily.
<3 the kevs.
<3 strawberries.
<3 $20 extra i don't already have..
<3 haircuts [on you].
<3 whatever else i've forgotten.

just love.

ps send me that owl city harp thing! please (:

Natalie Marie said...

oh my gosh, that cheesecake looks divine- ps you can have a cat in your apartment? My parents are threatening to sell mine because they're sick of it and I can't keep him at my apartment

Mrs. D said...

um... you forgot to mention that drinking out of the toilet is ALL the kevs does in his free time. or complains that the toilet seat is not up.