Tuesday, March 9, 2010

so i like to cook.

this weekend: cheesecakes.
the first cheesecake of the weekend was an experimental raspberry swirl cheesecake...i need to work on my "swirling" but it tasted pretty good, especially with real raspberries on top.
cheesecake #2 was more of a challenge...a german chocolate cheesecake. here's how it looked right out of the oven.
...and here's how it looked after the frosting and glaze ( :

top layer: coconut and pecan yummy homemade frosting.
middle layer: chocolate cake.
bottom layer: traditional new york style cheesecake.
and all for who?
these awesome boys right here, mikey and thorn.
they made me i made them some cheesecake.
i've been having an itch to cook lately, so if you're hungry and you want something made just for know who to call ( :


Mikey B. said...

you're cooking skills are only surpassed your remarkable ability to consistently put a smile on my face.

Ranteumptom said...

I'd like to place an order. I'm available for drop off any time after 6.

skroner said...

you amaze me.
i'm going to miss your yummy cooking this summerrrrrrr.
give me recipies? (: