Sunday, July 29, 2012


june was a little more successful --
(as always, click to enlarge pictures)

morning / empty / plate / close-up
sign / hat / drink / six o'clock
(surrah started her marathon at 6AM)
your view today / best bit of weekend / door / from low angle
art / time / yellow / out and about
in your bag / something you didn't know about me (x2) / imperfect
(my first something you didn't know -- 
i love to cook but eat tons of cereal.
my second one -- i like to use an even number of eggs 
and always take from the outside edge)
favorite pic / where i slept / from high angle / movement
on your mind / something cute / where you shop / bathroom
on your shelf / soft / a friend
i took a month off but plan to do the challenge again in august ( :

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

my $80 swim.

i've been running a lot lately 
so i knew i needed to give my shoes a break.
i didn't WANT to swim.
but i figured i should.
16 laps.
not sure how long that is but it felt like a lifetime.
and since it's the first time i've been to the gym in months,
(since i've started running outside with the nice weather)
it's like four months worth of my YMCA membership.

the only person who was more happy that i didn't drown
was probably the lifeguard there.
i'm a TERRIBLE swimmer
but maybe that's why it's such a good workout.

briane...this one's for you.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

dashing like a warrior.

i ran a 10K this year
(and then a little bit more --
since the chalk path was washed away with the rain)
despite being a little stormy, my first 10+ was not too bad.
sometimes i run super-speedy-fast.
(there were no cars around for the picture below)
my most recent race was forrest's run -- a five-miler.
two of my co-workers ran as well.
 i won second place in my age group, just shy of 37 1/2 minutes.
sometimes i find legs on my run route.
last night i took a break from my rain run 
under the shelter of my fav sports boy's porch.
(he's got a nice view, huh?)
lucky for me to have good friends who will wait with me 
when the sky opens up and it starts pouring rain.
the next big race i have signed up for is the warrior dash.
in about 3.3 miles, i will -- 
-run through a rubber "jungle"
-hurdle over barricades
-rappel down a steep ravine
-"stampede" through a scrap yard of rusted metal
-climb over a "dead man's drop"
-go through a military crawl
-climb a rock wall and jump down the other side
-teeter through a "soaring" track
-trudge through a water fall
-maneuver over a cargo net
-leap over warrior fires
-and scramble beneath barbed wire in the mud

here's hoping i make it through august 18th ( :

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

awkward family photos.

we're a little crazy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

dan's wedding weekend: reader's digest version.

i left wisconsin for a whopping 48 hours this weekend to stop over in ohio and pittsburgh for one of my (high school) best friend's wedding.

well, i drove to milwaukee to fly to columbus (via detroit) to drive to pittsburgh and back the same day and then fly back to milwaukee (via minneapolis) and drive back to wausau (after stopping in baraboo).
...and did i mention that was all within 48 hours?

first though, we hit up the mall in columbus to 
try out some kardashian fashions and mickey clothes. 
(as always, click on pics to enlarge)
on saturday, little sis and i trekked to pittsburgh for the wedding.
congrats dan and katherine!! 
love them. such an awesome couple. 
 best part of the day was obviously The Cookie Room.
if i ever get married, there must be one of these -- 
 on my way back to wausau, i stopped in baraboo for a run at devil's lake with my friend, danger phil. he brought us a picnic that included sushi, lemonade, grapes and bananas (not pictured).
i think "yum" goes without saying.
i had the day off today so i went for a rib mountain run,
got a ridic dirt tan and watched this guy cut weeds by the ski lifts. 
the golf ball i hid a few weeks ago is still there. 
then i spent the rest of the afternoon reading in my yard -- 
face-time-ing with this guy and his hot mama -- 
and thinking of the aforementioned duo at the grocery store -- 
 plus, we all knew sports boy is famous.
now he's also the poster-man for big brothers big sisters in wausau.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

baking cookies in the car.

you know it's going to be a good day at work when you get to bake ( :
today it was super-hot so i made cookies 
on the dashboard of one of our news cars. 
bryon helped me to mount a camera inside the car because
we live-streamed the baking process.
apparently some people watched as they cooked...very sloooowly.
after a while, the camera started overheating 
so sean helped me set up the camera outside instead.
but after we were set with that, the cookies were good to go.
the cookies took a little longer to bake than i thought they would.
we put them in around one o'clock. 
checked them every few hours. 
until they were finally done around 6 PM. 
voila. cookies a la car.