Monday, July 9, 2012

dan's wedding weekend: reader's digest version.

i left wisconsin for a whopping 48 hours this weekend to stop over in ohio and pittsburgh for one of my (high school) best friend's wedding.

well, i drove to milwaukee to fly to columbus (via detroit) to drive to pittsburgh and back the same day and then fly back to milwaukee (via minneapolis) and drive back to wausau (after stopping in baraboo).
...and did i mention that was all within 48 hours?

first though, we hit up the mall in columbus to 
try out some kardashian fashions and mickey clothes. 
(as always, click on pics to enlarge)
on saturday, little sis and i trekked to pittsburgh for the wedding.
congrats dan and katherine!! 
love them. such an awesome couple. 
 best part of the day was obviously The Cookie Room.
if i ever get married, there must be one of these -- 
 on my way back to wausau, i stopped in baraboo for a run at devil's lake with my friend, danger phil. he brought us a picnic that included sushi, lemonade, grapes and bananas (not pictured).
i think "yum" goes without saying.
i had the day off today so i went for a rib mountain run,
got a ridic dirt tan and watched this guy cut weeds by the ski lifts. 
the golf ball i hid a few weeks ago is still there. 
then i spent the rest of the afternoon reading in my yard -- 
face-time-ing with this guy and his hot mama -- 
and thinking of the aforementioned duo at the grocery store -- 
 plus, we all knew sports boy is famous.
now he's also the poster-man for big brothers big sisters in wausau.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

That cookie room looks like trouble.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

SO COOL x infinity to all of the above. just love being your plus one. what a fun weekend!! thanks again for coming and travelling like crazy and driving around all that time. also, sushi post-run is probably not my first choice, but still sounds delish thinking about it right now. well not as much because it is 8:23am, but you get my drift. danger phil treats you well. (:

ps sean is so famous!! eeeek. but never as famous as you. the end.

Ruth Dowling said...

Um I can't tell you how awesome this post is. Love love love those cookies and all the pics

Briane P said...

I can't decide which I'm more jealous of, the fact that you got to visit a cookie buffet or the fact that there is a guy whose nickname is "Danger Phil." *sigh*. Nobody has ever wanted to call me "Danger Briane." Which is why I drown my sorrows in cookie buffets.