Tuesday, July 3, 2012

baking cookies in the car.

you know it's going to be a good day at work when you get to bake ( :
today it was super-hot so i made cookies 
on the dashboard of one of our news cars. 
bryon helped me to mount a camera inside the car because
we live-streamed the baking process.
apparently some people watched as they cooked...very sloooowly.
after a while, the camera started overheating 
so sean helped me set up the camera outside instead.
but after we were set with that, the cookies were good to go.
the cookies took a little longer to bake than i thought they would.
we put them in around one o'clock. 
checked them every few hours. 
until they were finally done around 6 PM. 
voila. cookies a la car. 


Ruth Dowling said...

This is seriously he coolest story

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

Seriously. I second Ruth's comment. I definitely told at least a million people about how cool my reporter sister in WI is because of her in-car-baked-cookies story. You're famous. The end. (:

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Haha, you are such a nerd.