Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

an amazing race.

i don't watch a lot of TV shows (mostly because i have a major commitment issue) but one i've watched all the way through this season is "the amazing race." it wrapped up this past weekend, with one of my favorite teams being cut right before the finale (for a mistake they didn't make...completely unfair). anyway, i'd been watching it with sean and he was pretty upset with our fav duo getting axed right before the end. how angry? enough to dump the dvd in the sink after we watched -- 
anyway, it feels like i'm on the show lately because i've been going all over the place. i got to come to ohio for a long weekend last week, drove back to wisconsin for two (very long) days of work and then sean and i made the trek back home yesterday. 

here are some pictures from ohio adventure: part one --
 ^ most ridic pet store ever where animals just wander around freely.
^ lunch with favorite cousin!
 ^ most adorable nephew ever!!
 ^ ice cream sandwich time.
 after my "long" weekend, i got to drive through indiana and its crazy windmill farm...
  ...and ended up back in snowy / half-frozen wausau --
on the way home yesterday, sean found this delicious pizza place in chicago -- giordano's.
deep dish pepperoni (nearly) as big as your face.
 oh, and did i mention this guy's famous?
he's got his own billboard!
well...time to go hang out some more with this guy:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

zero-point-three miles.

that's how far i currently live from where i work.
not even kidding.
 (^click on picture to enlarge)
google maps says it takes 29 seconds to get to the station.
why did i not move here a long time ago?!
here is a preliminary picture of one part of my house:
i know. i have a lot of decorating to do.
more pics to come later.
also of note, i ran the turkey trot on thanksgiving --
i finished in just more than 24 minutes, but i spent the first 15 seconds of the race standing still (as i waited for the people in front of me to start moving) and the next minute after that just-barely-moving so i like to think my time should be slightly better in real life.
^ click on picture to see full chart -- name / city / bib number / age / gender / placement within age group (19th in women 20-29) / time behind winner / gun time / chip time / pace
and afterwards?
 orange slices ( :
 also in my not-so-distant past, i went to the annual tomahawk venison feed and ate my very first deer-burger.
surprisingly, it wasn't totally gross.
^ also, this little girl was adorable.
anyway, it's december and things are going to start getting exciting.
from decorating my apartment to going to ohio for a kdash reunion, i'm pretty pumped.
can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store ( :