Saturday, December 3, 2011

zero-point-three miles.

that's how far i currently live from where i work.
not even kidding.
 (^click on picture to enlarge)
google maps says it takes 29 seconds to get to the station.
why did i not move here a long time ago?!
here is a preliminary picture of one part of my house:
i know. i have a lot of decorating to do.
more pics to come later.
also of note, i ran the turkey trot on thanksgiving --
i finished in just more than 24 minutes, but i spent the first 15 seconds of the race standing still (as i waited for the people in front of me to start moving) and the next minute after that just-barely-moving so i like to think my time should be slightly better in real life.
^ click on picture to see full chart -- name / city / bib number / age / gender / placement within age group (19th in women 20-29) / time behind winner / gun time / chip time / pace
and afterwards?
 orange slices ( :
 also in my not-so-distant past, i went to the annual tomahawk venison feed and ate my very first deer-burger.
surprisingly, it wasn't totally gross.
^ also, this little girl was adorable.
anyway, it's december and things are going to start getting exciting.
from decorating my apartment to going to ohio for a kdash reunion, i'm pretty pumped.
can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store ( :


Natalie Marie said...

I live right across the street from my station too (at least for another month and a half) and it's awesome, but I've decided to move just to get out of the noise of downtown. It probably wouldn't bother me as much if I was only sleeping during the night :) Yay for new apartments

Anonymous said...

love this!!! DK and i both agree the girl eating the burger is best picture ever. congrats on your new house!!! we miss you but will see you in just over a week!!!! cant wait!

Love, Ruth

Sarah said...

LOL that girl eating that huge burger. I LOVE YOUR NEW HOUSE. and how close you are to work now. i secretly want to know how you got away with taking that picture of that baby without looking like a total creep. you must teach me your ways. or maybe i should just get an iphone. or maybe both. (: love/miss/see you so so soon!!

Briane P said...

Is that 29 seconds the time it takes you to RUN it? Nice work on the Dash. Like everybody else, I love the Girl eating the burger, even if the thought of eating deer meat grosses me out because humans aren't meant to know where their food comes from, and that's why I only eat things that come in "nugget" form.