Monday, November 21, 2011

moving day.

first of all, this picture is from last week.
this is where clean laundry goes to die (my couch).
i like having clean clothes. i don't like putting them away.
also (before we get to the main event), 
here are some pictures from my rib mountain run this week.
icy ski lifts -- 
the snow-making machine on top of the mountain ( :
the trail i ran down on, all pretty and snowy --
(going to need to trade in my running shoes for snow shoes soon)
 and tracks from...something?! not really sure what.
forest chickens, maybe?
but most importantly, i've been in the process of moving this weekend.
yesterday, i moved some things.
this morning, i found some manly men to help move my big things --
now i've got maybe one more trip of stuff left before i'm all moved in.
expect pics of my awesome new place next time around.
hope you're all having an awesome week.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Obviously the Turkeys are breaking loose. Yay for moving & Ohio. I miss you!

Sarah said...

Sean and ??? I can't identify the mystery man. OHIO KDASH REUNION SO SO SOON!! ps i need your address remember?!

[Red Sox] Wife said...

forest chickens!!! I want one. five weeeeeks!!! cant come soon enough!!!! also i think your muscley boys need more muscle :)

[Red Sox] Wife said...

also the title of this post makes me think of... closing time. i know who i want to take me home... third eye blind, right??

Briane P said...

Your pile of clean clothes mirrors the pile of clean clothes I have in front of my dresser. After I complained about how she put them away, Sweetie no longer puts them away for me. Live and learn.

By the way: I tried jogging outside last Friday and I admire you for doing it. IT'S HARD to run up hills!