Friday, April 30, 2010

celebrating being done with college, part 5.

^ college: year 5. finally...all 3 sisters in utah ( :
and me...ruining all of our adorable pictures.
^ i hiked the y with some awesome people. this was the second time in 2 days...since less than 24 hours before, i'd hiked it with ryan.
^ i was the executive producer for the daily news at noon.
here is my wonderful wednesday crew...
^ ...and here is my fabulous friday crew ( :
producing was a definite learning experience but way fun.
^ also for the daily news...was an advanced reporter: anna carrera.
and reported LIVE from outside sometimes.
^ went to vegas with a gorgeous group of broadcasters.
we networked, we saw cirque du soleil shows and we had tons of fun.
^ worked in the theatre again with some of my fav people and still loved it. this was for my lighting design: "children of eden."
^ had sleepovers with emily in the hospital after her accident / :
love love love her. she is my best hard-core awesome friend ever.
^ hung out with rachael in the freezing snow
and went tubing for my first time ever.
^ enjoyed the company of some awesome boys. love mikey ( :
^ made some new friends. went to some ridiculous dances.
and took some fun photo-booth pictures.
^ made up my own halloween costumes:
daphne from scooby doo (not pictured) and wonder woman.
^ actually made friends with some news people.
here we went to natalie's play in the middle of nowhere.
^ and sometimes we all went to lunch together.
please keep this tradition alive ( :
^ enjoyed time with my ward for the second year.
emily is kissing me towards the right side of this picture.
^ re-visited the festival of colors.
and i danced like the crazy hippy that i secretly am...
^ became newsroom bffs with my producer opposite: beth.
the glam girl to contrast with my just-rolled-out-of-bed look.
^ oh. and ruth's going to have a baby boy ( :
and i secretly only have one leg in the picture.

college: year 5. a little bittersweet to be done with all of it.
but that's how it was. happy graduation to me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

celebrating being done with college, part 4.

^ college: year 4.
moved in with my bff to our awesome house.
^ went to ward talent night.
yes. we finally had a ward that wasn't totally lame.
^ went to some fun christmas parties and met some people that i would re-meet a year later (no wonder you looked so familiar, ryan...)
^ we had more awesome osu parties at ruth's house
and watched football and ate buckeyes.
^ i got accepted to the broadcast journalism program and was suddenly surrounded by many beautiful and talented people.
^ i hula hooped a lot. this time was at ward talent night.
...and andrew watched...
^ i did the lighting design for a brand new play: "houseboat honeymoon" and ruth came to watch it with me ( :
^ i made gingerbread houses at fhe.
and was very tan around christmas time, i guess.
^ i went to byu football games (of course).
and had awesome seats right in the front....because...
^ ...this was the year collin played!
just love having a totally dreamy friend on the football team.
^ i was recruited to be in my first campaign ad.
and had to wear yellow. the one color in which i own nothing.
^ i went camping with emily!
and we conquered this giant hill thing!
^ oh. and i met anderson cooper.
no big deal.
^ went four-wheeling with emily in april. and there was snow.
college: year 4. better than all the years before ( :

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

celebrating being done with college, part 3.

^ college: year 3. the year people took pictures of us
with their camera phones without telling us...creepers.
^ when ruth finally moved close enough to campus
so it was convenient to be friends. just kidding. (sort of...)
^ i had a roommate from OHIO! and she was awesome. she made me wear crazy clothes so we could do black + white photo shoots.
^ this was the year i really, really wanted glasses.
i think sarah is going through this phase now ( :
^ i had crazy bohemian / hippy friends who liked to dance to off-beat music and have paint fights in the middle of big fields of grass.
^ we watched ohio state football games at ruth's house!
with nicole! and it was awesome!
^ lucy made a bunch of kittens. desmond was my favorite.
plus i was really tan.
^ sarah visiting and going to general conference in the fall
(and ruth's crazy yellow / orange hair)
^ waiting in a super-long line super-early in the morning
to go to president hinkley's funeral in slc ) :
^ going to vegas with my bff emily
and inside my favorite hotel, the bellagio.
^ going to the festival of colors for the first time in spanish fork
and getting totally covered in the colored chalk dust stuff.
^ celebrating my 21st birthday with my bffs: emily, kimmie + rachael.
college: year 3 was awesome ( :

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

celebrating being done with college, part 2.

^ sophomore year...we did a lot of photo shoots this year.
one old roommate, two new ones.
^ bowling with roomie, kimmie.
and yes. i wore skirts over my pants.
^ realizing that we could wear sweats...all the time.
^ going back to my roots.
loving theatre and wearing blacks backstage.
^ power texters and other crazies...
the dangers of hula hooping on the balcony...
^ still going to byu football games?
^ jumping on the beds.
oh yeah. we moved our mattresses into the living room.
^ killer pillow fights.
and then being totally crunched.
^ wearing matching leopard-print lingerie to church ( :
love all of our different styles.
^ pummeling boys...only when they deserved it though.
(those are our mattresses on the floor behind us)
^ realizing we can dye our hair.
we did this a lot.
^ oh. and then we flipped the car on the way to california.
and had to sit in the back of a police car.

happy second year of college ( :