Wednesday, April 28, 2010

celebrating being done with college, part 3.

^ college: year 3. the year people took pictures of us
with their camera phones without telling us...creepers.
^ when ruth finally moved close enough to campus
so it was convenient to be friends. just kidding. (sort of...)
^ i had a roommate from OHIO! and she was awesome. she made me wear crazy clothes so we could do black + white photo shoots.
^ this was the year i really, really wanted glasses.
i think sarah is going through this phase now ( :
^ i had crazy bohemian / hippy friends who liked to dance to off-beat music and have paint fights in the middle of big fields of grass.
^ we watched ohio state football games at ruth's house!
with nicole! and it was awesome!
^ lucy made a bunch of kittens. desmond was my favorite.
plus i was really tan.
^ sarah visiting and going to general conference in the fall
(and ruth's crazy yellow / orange hair)
^ waiting in a super-long line super-early in the morning
to go to president hinkley's funeral in slc ) :
^ going to vegas with my bff emily
and inside my favorite hotel, the bellagio.
^ going to the festival of colors for the first time in spanish fork
and getting totally covered in the colored chalk dust stuff.
^ celebrating my 21st birthday with my bffs: emily, kimmie + rachael.
college: year 3 was awesome ( :


skroner said...

i love these posts (:
definite yes to the glasses phase..
slash ruth's hair was just so crazy sometimes.
slash slash i miss you.

Mrs. D said...

i love that i made it into here like three times and every time my hair is a different color... kind of like you and kimmie/emily with the hair dying :) olove love love the idea...cant wait to see what else you post next!