Thursday, April 29, 2010

celebrating being done with college, part 4.

^ college: year 4.
moved in with my bff to our awesome house.
^ went to ward talent night.
yes. we finally had a ward that wasn't totally lame.
^ went to some fun christmas parties and met some people that i would re-meet a year later (no wonder you looked so familiar, ryan...)
^ we had more awesome osu parties at ruth's house
and watched football and ate buckeyes.
^ i got accepted to the broadcast journalism program and was suddenly surrounded by many beautiful and talented people.
^ i hula hooped a lot. this time was at ward talent night.
...and andrew watched...
^ i did the lighting design for a brand new play: "houseboat honeymoon" and ruth came to watch it with me ( :
^ i made gingerbread houses at fhe.
and was very tan around christmas time, i guess.
^ i went to byu football games (of course).
and had awesome seats right in the front....because...
^ ...this was the year collin played!
just love having a totally dreamy friend on the football team.
^ i was recruited to be in my first campaign ad.
and had to wear yellow. the one color in which i own nothing.
^ i went camping with emily!
and we conquered this giant hill thing!
^ oh. and i met anderson cooper.
no big deal.
^ went four-wheeling with emily in april. and there was snow.
college: year 4. better than all the years before ( :


skroner said...

(: i can't wait to see year five!


Mrs. D said...

I concur. year four was probably my favorite, aside from year five. And omg forgot about AC...what a dreamboat. Did I ever tell you Tina Nunez is also in love with him and was sooo jealous that you got to meet him? She almost didnt believe me but then I told her to look on facebook. only four (almost) full weeks of school and then we can have sleepovers and be completely irresponsible.... i know you can't wait.