Monday, April 19, 2010

how it was.

i'm sure you're dying to hear about how vegas was and everything else that has been crazy and exciting in my life. so let's just breeze through everything really quickly and then maybe when i have time, i can write more in-depth about my adventures.

monday: breakfast w/ surrah. work on stuff in business building. print papers in the library for hours. give up. print things in the wilk instead. put together portfolio. get surprised by ryan saying hi. turn in CoE portfolio & internship papers. mall w/ beth. rain. visit emily.

tuesday: snowing. laundry / pack. drive to vegas w/ kristine and sable. starbucks in st george. arrive. find brittanys. wander around strip. andy's magic tricks at new york. m&m store. running around like crazy girls and boys. picture with elvis. glee. sleep.

wednesday: career day. run around in high heels. get interviewed. meet news directors. lunch with bro w and the rest of the byu crew. more career day stuff. go see "ka" (free tickets to a cirque du soleil show!!). pizza for dinner. studio 54. temporary tattoos. dance the night away. milkshakes at mark's mgm suite.

thursday: more classes at convention center. wander around strip. shop at planet hollywood. get lost. earl of sandwich. chocolate hazelnut gelato. fountains at bellagio. kiss a boy for his bachelor party (on the worries, mom!). get called the "prettiest mermaid in vegas." fall over railing of moving walkway.

friday: cookies for breakfast! cruise the strip. lunch with random north dakota boys. last class at BEA. drive back to provo. in n out at st george. find car. no room for wallflowers dance party. glow sticks. shout out. photo booth with friends. find collin. visit emily. wendy's salad. watch scrubs with collin til 4am.

saturday: zurchers for party stuff. breakfast w/ sisters. shopping for more party stuff. set up at michelle's. baby d's baby shower!! visit emily. nap. shower. green house effect concert in provo. mandarin oranges and fruit snacks. dr horrible movie w/ nat / jake / brian.

sunday: sleep in (finally). church. awesome talks. sit w/ boys at sunday school. justin plays with my hair. rs lesson about prayer. make breakfast for dinner for r & d. antm. ward prayer. talk with ryan about upcoming summer excitement. drive back home. bittersweet.


Natalie Marie said...

I'm glad you got some sleep, I really wish I would have hung out with you more in Vegas. I definitely think you had a better time than I did.

Anonymous said...

u r forgiven for not visiting me.

and u've broken the cardinal rule of vegas, btw, what happens in vegas... stays on your blog!? i think not.

anna. said...

i didn't write EVERYTHING that happened...i definitely left some details out (those will stay in vegas). but i had a fun time so i thought i'd share ( :