Wednesday, April 21, 2010


it's weird to think these crazy couple of years are coming to an end and in a few short days, i will officially be a college graduate. but for real...the whole past few weeks / months have been sort of surreal.

exhibit a: it's my last semester. but i didn't have any finals. that's right folks, not a single test during testing week. instead, i went to vegas and learned how not to get a job and then came back to provo to find it exactly how i left it...only warmer. and today, rainier. so, even though i'm finishing college...i had minimal amounts of hoops to jump through during finals week.

exhibit b: i'm not really done with school stuff. i have all of the grades i need and i can walk away from provo with a diploma in my hand (or in the mail) on friday. but instead, i've decided to finish my documentary (which i am so excited for) and stay at my internship (so i can finish the 5 gazillion hours the guy in charge requires so he can't say mean things about byu students bailing). so as much as i'd love to kiss the newsroom's not in the cards just yet.

exhibit c: namely because of exhibit b, i'm not leaving yet. i mean, i'm already not-in-provo anymore, but you know what i mean. and for the girl who is used to punching her ticket out of the state within the first day or two of finals...this is very strange. instead of being the leave-er, i'm the leave-ee...fated to watch all of my lovely friends trickle out of the state one by one and move on to cooler and more awesome things for their summers. what a swell feeling.

exhibit d: the only anti-anticlimactic part of this post. as of noon on friday, the clock starts ticking on my six-month trying-to-get-a-job stint. and if october 23 rolls around and i still find myself un-gainfully unemployed...the quest for cooking school begins.

so what does the summer have in store for me? i'm not sure. i know what i'll be doing the next 2-3 weeks...and then...only time will tell.

^see? there's the climactic part. finally!


Natalie Marie said...

I completely understand about exhibit C, I've never stayed in Provo past the second day of finals either...I don't know what to do with myself

Ask Josh said...

I hope your internship guy reads this and starts railing on BYU students for publicly complaining and perhaps even violating the employer-employee relationship.

Dude, we're totally walking tomorrow. Never thought I'd see the day.

Rachael said...

Well Anna, I am still in Utah too, so basically we need to hang out. I was asleep in the car on Sunday when we drove past Pleasant Grove, but I am coming down tomorrow and Saturday so maybe I'll see you? I'll call tonight or tomorrow to see what's up. Yay for finally graduating!