Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fruitzilla / shopping(?!) / YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS.

grocery shopping this weekend got a little out of control.

usually i can limit myself to a couple fruits and veggies, but for whatever reason, i got a bit too excited that so much delicious food is in season and bought a TON of stuff. tomatoes, pears, blueberries, apples, carrots, celery, strawberries, blackberries, oh my.
(also, this is what's left after i've already eaten about half of it.
i know.
i'm huge.
but i couldn't help it.
om nom nom.)
^ which reminds me, i finally bought a new blender after leaving mine back in utah with sarah and micae. FRUIT SMOOTHIE TIME.
^ sean didn't want to be left out of the fresh food party so we bought a REAL pineapple and he taught me how cut it up "properly" today. yum.

anyways, since i worked on a holiday, i had today off to finish watching the first season of "24," eat delicious fresh food and go mushroom hunting with mr. expert pineapple slicer. also, i went shopping. if you know me, you know this is a big deal.

even my mom will admit it: i'm a bad shopper.
but somehow...i didn't do too bad.

here's a cute jacket that i always swore i'd never buy:
^ i always thought these half-jackets were so dumb-looking, but now that it's summer and pretty much everything in sight is strapless or sleeveless, it's going to be a necessity. plus i can wear it for work or church or the beach or whatever.
(probably not actually the beach but you know what i mean)

^ these board shorts ( :
some of my friends from work and i have been planning a trip to noah's ark -- america's largest water park. i'm really excited, except for the part where i have to wear a bathing suit. so i wanted something else to wear. so i bought these.
(from the billabong "recycler" line -- made of water bottles?)

board shorts = $10
half-jacket = $15
look at me buy cute things and not spend a ton of cash.

i know this has been an epic-ly long blog post.
but there's one more thing you NEED to see.
the kardashian cover of katy perry's "E.T."

need i say more?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

people i like at the job i love.

i realize that based on my last post, i seem to have cut off all relations with other human beings. no worries though -- i do have friends in wausau. here are some of them:
^ these are two of my favorites, mike and jack.
mike works / reports on the same days as me (a rarity in this business) and jack is one of our photographers. they are adorable.
^ here is rob. he's from ohio ( :
he's our new weather guy and sometimes he does news reports too.
on his first day of work, we were doing live shots together and he hit his head on the truck and started bleeding so i had to try to fix him up so he'd still look pretty on tv.
also he's like 6'5" tall -- OMG
(what is that even like? i'll never know)
^ this is melissa. she's one of our main anchors.
she's basically the coolest (and closest to my height).
also these are the new work jackets we got...just in time for summer.
^ this is bryon (another one of our anchors) eating circus peanuts.
he used to sit next to me until our boss made him move.
sometimes he's my mentor and always he's awesome.
^ this is a picture from last week's adventure (was it really just last week? gosh...seems like forever ago) at miller park. bonnie, me and mike -- the three veteran reporters at our station now.
who would have thought?

Monday, May 23, 2011

five picture post.

on my way to a story last week, i found a little bit of ohio:
driving to another story, i found this:
(just reminds me of surrah sometimes!)
here is (a cross-section of) some food i made last week:
chicken pot pie. obviously.
can you see this license plate?
also i had an awesome weekend with a few of my work friends.
we went to milwaukee (my first time ever)
and saw the brewers play the rockies.
i love summer.
everything is green again!

oh. and we had more tornadoes this weekend.
no joke. and i thought wausau would be boring...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

doing more.

wow. i didn't realize how long it had been since the last time i blogged. life continues to be busy and fun and i'm enjoying life in wausau and every where else (just in case you were wondering).

two weekends ago, i went to my friend's roller derby in appleton.
if you've never been to one, it's kind of like this:

there wasn't quite as much punching, but it was still very cool.
we also went to a mall there. it wasn't the best mall ever but it was still a significant improvement over the one we have downtown.

then last weekend, me and some other channel 9 people did a scavenger hunt for charity.
we had to breakdance at the mall:
give someone an "under-duck":
(isn't it usually an under-dog??)
throw grapes into someone's mouth:
give someone a piggy-back ride through a drive-thru:
and about a zillion other things.
it was really fun and, of course, for a good cause ("Donate Life").

then surrah came and we spent the next few days being wild and crazy and playing trouble and eating food and watching the kardashians and staying up late and making pizza rolls from scratch and doing frisbee and reporting on house fires and other cool stuff like that.

now...i'm kind of relaxing. doing research for a BIG story i'm working on plus hitting up softball practice with the channel 9 team and enjoying what seems to be shaping up as a very fun summer.

who knew?

anyways. anna's advice for the day: