Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fruitzilla / shopping(?!) / YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS.

grocery shopping this weekend got a little out of control.

usually i can limit myself to a couple fruits and veggies, but for whatever reason, i got a bit too excited that so much delicious food is in season and bought a TON of stuff. tomatoes, pears, blueberries, apples, carrots, celery, strawberries, blackberries, oh my.
(also, this is what's left after i've already eaten about half of it.
i know.
i'm huge.
but i couldn't help it.
om nom nom.)
^ which reminds me, i finally bought a new blender after leaving mine back in utah with sarah and micae. FRUIT SMOOTHIE TIME.
^ sean didn't want to be left out of the fresh food party so we bought a REAL pineapple and he taught me how cut it up "properly" today. yum.

anyways, since i worked on a holiday, i had today off to finish watching the first season of "24," eat delicious fresh food and go mushroom hunting with mr. expert pineapple slicer. also, i went shopping. if you know me, you know this is a big deal.

even my mom will admit it: i'm a bad shopper.
but somehow...i didn't do too bad.

here's a cute jacket that i always swore i'd never buy:
^ i always thought these half-jackets were so dumb-looking, but now that it's summer and pretty much everything in sight is strapless or sleeveless, it's going to be a necessity. plus i can wear it for work or church or the beach or whatever.
(probably not actually the beach but you know what i mean)

^ these board shorts ( :
some of my friends from work and i have been planning a trip to noah's ark -- america's largest water park. i'm really excited, except for the part where i have to wear a bathing suit. so i wanted something else to wear. so i bought these.
(from the billabong "recycler" line -- made of water bottles?)

board shorts = $10
half-jacket = $15
look at me buy cute things and not spend a ton of cash.

i know this has been an epic-ly long blog post.
but there's one more thing you NEED to see.
the kardashian cover of katy perry's "E.T."

need i say more?


sarah said...

oh my GOSH i have so much to say, where do i begin?!

secondly, HOLY YUMMY FRUITS. <3 strawberries + blueberries!! you're gonna make a certain salad, aren't you?! (;
thirdly, your blender you gave us broke/had a hole in it(??) or something and leaked the first time we used it... a lot hahaha
fourthly, LOVE YOUR STORY!!! congrats on getting it all done for sweeps! i almost cried. you are my favorite storyteller by far. nice effects with getting taps playing in the background + finishing RIGHT before you said "anna carrera, newsline 9." LOVE IT. #1 reporter award!
fifthly, YOU ARE A MUCH better shopper than i am.. i just go to plato's and justify my big money spending on the fact that i got a lot for my money... you are so much better than i am. love halfsie top + the shorts! wear both to the beach. i dare you.
sixtly, noah's ark!? this looks too good to be true. i noticed that if you bring in at least 15 people in a group you can get $10 off admission for the day... if you need any extras you know who to ask, right? (;
seventhly, OMG KDASH. the vid was too big for your post so i couldn't make it full-screen but i was just dying and loving it hahaha omg. how did you find that!?

eight/nine/ten/eleven/infinityly, yes to skype ASAP please. just love you + you had a long blogpost so i apologize but it was fate that my comment would be monstrous as well.

ps verification word: pippoids

[Red Sox] Wife said...


baby mason AND kardashian girls AND LAM LAM?!??!! I almost died just watching that!!!

Amazing post!!! I love you so so much and you are a much better shopper than me :)

I changed my third thing thanks to your request... funny how noone picked up on that :) LOVE YOUUUUUU

Briane P said...

Oh, man: Cub Scouts! in your story! plus this post was great. I love smoothies.

And, also, I gave you an award, and/or a nomination, or something:

But you don't have to honor this blog commitment. I hate to impose.

Briane P said...

Also, you did really well on that story.