Sunday, May 8, 2011

doing more.

wow. i didn't realize how long it had been since the last time i blogged. life continues to be busy and fun and i'm enjoying life in wausau and every where else (just in case you were wondering).

two weekends ago, i went to my friend's roller derby in appleton.
if you've never been to one, it's kind of like this:

there wasn't quite as much punching, but it was still very cool.
we also went to a mall there. it wasn't the best mall ever but it was still a significant improvement over the one we have downtown.

then last weekend, me and some other channel 9 people did a scavenger hunt for charity.
we had to breakdance at the mall:
give someone an "under-duck":
(isn't it usually an under-dog??)
throw grapes into someone's mouth:
give someone a piggy-back ride through a drive-thru:
and about a zillion other things.
it was really fun and, of course, for a good cause ("Donate Life").

then surrah came and we spent the next few days being wild and crazy and playing trouble and eating food and watching the kardashians and staying up late and making pizza rolls from scratch and doing frisbee and reporting on house fires and other cool stuff like that.

now...i'm kind of relaxing. doing research for a BIG story i'm working on plus hitting up softball practice with the channel 9 team and enjoying what seems to be shaping up as a very fun summer.

who knew?

anyways. anna's advice for the day:


sarah said...

LOVE THIS. Especially all your scavenger hunt pictures (: we definitely need to take more when we see each other next!! Love the advice, by the way (: miss youuuu

Briane P said...

(A) I love the Appleton mall and stop there every chance I get

(B) You HOME MAKE pizza rolls? Now I want to do that.

Great pics. I'm off to see the other blog.

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Bryon looks like Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey is HAWT