Monday, May 23, 2011

five picture post.

on my way to a story last week, i found a little bit of ohio:
driving to another story, i found this:
(just reminds me of surrah sometimes!)
here is (a cross-section of) some food i made last week:
chicken pot pie. obviously.
can you see this license plate?
also i had an awesome weekend with a few of my work friends.
we went to milwaukee (my first time ever)
and saw the brewers play the rockies.
i love summer.
everything is green again!

oh. and we had more tornadoes this weekend.
no joke. and i thought wausau would be boring...


sarah said...

gamestop AND chinese?! right next door to each other?! now i know the first place to visit next time we're both in wausau.. so glad you didn't get taken away by any crazy tornadoes. miss you too too much. xooooox.

[Red Sox] Wife said...

yayyyy baseball!!!! and umm have you even had ONE boring moment in your entire time in wausau?? I think not! be careful and I will talk to you soon!!!!

just love more pictures on your blog xx

Beth Grimmett said...

busy busy girl! No wonder I haven't heard from you lately... oh... wait... I've been busy too! Love ya!

Natalie Marie said...

I agree with Beth, it's nice to know you're alive. Especially since you were texting Walz while I was sitting right by him. Miss your face, want your advice.
And ps I have some news for you :)

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I want to be in those pictures :/