Sunday, May 29, 2011

people i like at the job i love.

i realize that based on my last post, i seem to have cut off all relations with other human beings. no worries though -- i do have friends in wausau. here are some of them:
^ these are two of my favorites, mike and jack.
mike works / reports on the same days as me (a rarity in this business) and jack is one of our photographers. they are adorable.
^ here is rob. he's from ohio ( :
he's our new weather guy and sometimes he does news reports too.
on his first day of work, we were doing live shots together and he hit his head on the truck and started bleeding so i had to try to fix him up so he'd still look pretty on tv.
also he's like 6'5" tall -- OMG
(what is that even like? i'll never know)
^ this is melissa. she's one of our main anchors.
she's basically the coolest (and closest to my height).
also these are the new work jackets we got...just in time for summer.
^ this is bryon (another one of our anchors) eating circus peanuts.
he used to sit next to me until our boss made him move.
sometimes he's my mentor and always he's awesome.
^ this is a picture from last week's adventure (was it really just last week? gosh...seems like forever ago) at miller park. bonnie, me and mike -- the three veteran reporters at our station now.
who would have thought?


[Red Sox] Wife said...

looove this! i hear about these guys but now I know the faces too :) love youuu. ps are you working tomorrow??? can we skype???

sarah said...

ayayayaya just love all your friends at work! (: ps how did sean not make the cut?! slash i wanna skype soon tooo. please oh please oh please. just love you + all your wisconsin adventures. snazzy jacket by the way (;

word verification = 'vordort'

anna. said...

hah you guys already know what sean looks like ( : plus i might have new pictures with him next week after the awesome adventure we have planned...

also vordort = voldemort?!?

AND let's do skype dates this week x 2.