Sunday, January 15, 2012

i'm a creature of habit.

i guess that's the main reason why i got hit in the back with a ski lift -- i wanted to take the picture from the very same spot i always do. doesn't that make sense when you're trying to do a time lapse and show the different seasons? unfortunately, that favorite spot i have happens to be right behind one of the ski lift chairs and when you are dumb and forget they are all moving, the next one behind will hit you square in the back. after that, you will feel mortally embarrassed, then look around and realize no one even noticed so you just go back to snapping pictures from a few feet to the right. the end.

this creature of habit is straying a bit this weekend. it's the first week (in months!) that i've been home and haven't gone on my weekly rib mountain run. unfortunately (again), my throat has been hurting for a few days and i figure if it hurts to talk / breathe, it will probably hurt more to run up a mountain. so this week -- i'm taking the day off. boo.

to make up for my lack of speaking ability, allow me 
to dazzle you with my other skills.
first off -- making caramel from scratch 
(as pictured with apples and sean's feet):
 ^ yes, that was sugar and some other ingredients and i magically turned it into caramel.

another (rather time-consuming) skill i utilized is uploading my christmas pics to facebook. 
want to see? click here. 
(mom...that means you!)
most of them include my awesome sibs --
 and my adventures with this guy -- 
also this week -- i finally fixed my back blinky turn light.
and when i say i fixed it, i mean i supervised while sean fixed it. 
winner winner chicken dinnner.
as a final random side note, i found this on my work facebook page and it totally made my day:
being ON tv isn't my favorite thing, but i'm glad some people like my stories. this particular comment came after a series of stories i did about a soldier in our area who was killed on christmas day. it was a rough experience, meeting his family and trying to tell his story well but i'm glad i got to do it. 

thanks to all who supported me in my
bowling for kid's sake charity beg-a-thon.
sean's the first bowler. i'm the second.
yes, we tied.
and more importantly -- YES. i broke 100.
also i got strikes in my first two frames.
thank you, spring term college bowling class.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

where's winter?

...just wondering.
also, here's my ski lift pics from the past four months. 
if you would have told me when i started that i'd still be running rib mountain in january, i'd have laughed in your face. 
but that's what i did today. and it was lovely.
^ today was the first time skiers were using my lift (there are many lifts on the mountain and yes, it is mine because i take pictures with it ever week). also i got hit in the back by one of the chairs right after i took this picture, but that's a completely different story.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a very kdash christmas.

after this christmas, i'll be able to dress like a kardashian --
...accessorize like a kardashian  --
 ...and even smell like one!
 also for the first time ever, i can bake with a TRUE no-stick pan.
(thanks, mom!)
miss you, dolls.
more december updates to come ( :