Sunday, January 8, 2012

where's winter?

...just wondering.
also, here's my ski lift pics from the past four months. 
if you would have told me when i started that i'd still be running rib mountain in january, i'd have laughed in your face. 
but that's what i did today. and it was lovely.
^ today was the first time skiers were using my lift (there are many lifts on the mountain and yes, it is mine because i take pictures with it ever week). also i got hit in the back by one of the chairs right after i took this picture, but that's a completely different story.


Ruth Dowling said...

Hit in the back?! I must hear that story:) this rib mtn business sure is a good idea!! Hope u can keep doing it all winter what with our global warming and all ( yessssss)!!!!

Natalie Marie said...

hahaha, sorry, I'm laughing at your expense, but only because it's happened to me

Briane P said...

As a lawyer, all I can say is that Rib Mountain, the maker of the ski lift, the skiers themselves, the people who made your running shoes, the people who made your camera, anyone who has ever gone skiing, and all the people who read this blog are probably liable for your injuries which are numerous and severe. Call me, and I will take only 98% of your settlement.

Love the photo montage!

Sarah said...

Love Briane's comment haha (: just love pretty pictures!! Way to make that a habit!