Sunday, July 31, 2011

we all scream for...

i could make up a lot of excuses for why i haven't been cooking a lot lately, but to be honest, it's just been too darn hot. i DO bake some sort of treat for my sunday school class every week though and this weekend, i decided to try something a little cooler: ice cream.

before i start, let me must say that my way is a little different than most people do. i don't use an ice cream maker (mostly because i don't have one) and i don't use the double-bag method (too messy).
it's my way or the highway.

first, you start with a base.

you can use pretty much any milk-based product you want, but the less-fatty the base, the icier it will be. for example, if you use skim milk, it will be more icy than if you use whole milk or cream. i use 2 cups of half and half (half milk - half cream). i added about four tablespoons of sugar and 1 or 2 teaspoons of vanilla. put all of these in a medium sized bowl. put that bowl inside another, bigger bowl that's half-full of ice and rock salt (to melt the ice, thus creating an even-colder atmosphere for your ice cream to be made). i used about 3/4 cup of pretzel salt (since it's bigger than regular salt and i have a ton of it) but you can use any salt you have.
then...get mixing!!
if you have an electric mixer, you probably only need to do about 10 minutes, but since i'm poor, i did it by hand for about 20 minutes.
you want to get the base nice and "aerated" --
basically, you want lots of bubbles.
after your mix is good and bubbly, put the two bowls in
the freezer for about an hour with a towel on top.
it should have a thick consistency by now, like partly-frozen pudding. take it out of the freezer and it's back to mixing again. you should do another 5 minutes if you're using a mixer, 10 if you're mixing by hand.
if you're cool like me, you add some magic shell in so you can have chocolate chips a la graeters (starting with one huge chocolate chunk and then mixing it down). don't forget to wait for the shell to harden before mixing it in!
you could really put any other toppings in at this point too -- frozen fruit, mini peanut butter cups, m&m's, chocolate chips -- anything that's not too big, because that'll just make it sink to the bottom of your ice cream mix.

then take the small bowl out and cover it with plastic wrap. make sure your plastic touches the ice cream.
pop it back in the freezer for at least another two hours. it's best if you do it overnight, but a few more hours is enough to do the trick.

and then...voila. ice cream.
^ one batch vanilla and one batch chocolate chip
each batch is supposed to be about four scoops, but i fed my entire sunday school class with just two batches (about 10 kids).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

two notes.

dear childproof medicine containers:
if you are supposed to keep little kids out, you probably shouldn't spill into my purse without me even touching the bottle.
just saying.
xox from anna.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

dear self:
i think you have a problem.
holy cereal sale, batman.
just saying.
xox from anna.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

hip hip zoombinis.

that background music was pretty much the theme song of my childhood with this guy --
between that and clips from this all-time favorite kron family movie --

i can't believe he's grown up so much in the past few years.
seriously? when did he get so big?!
it seems like just yesterday we were cleaning up the 50,394 matchbox cars that he would meticulously line up all over the living room.

the baby that always wanted to be held by his favorite sisters.
and refused to stop quoting "woody-buzz."

i like this guy.
happy 13th bday, DK!!
can't believe you're a teenager!
can't wait to see you next month!
(maybe we can even sing the doom song)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

oh baby got what i need.

no matter how much i grow up or whatever changes in my life, i will always have a special place in my heart for justin timberlake.

p.s. i'm coming to ohio and utah next month ( :

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

and then i got asthma.

remember this fun picture from my sophomore year of college when i loved to make fun of my asthmatic roommate, kimmie?
well, now i actually have asthma.
must be karma.
weird, right? i mean, my family history is pretty asthma-free (as far as i know) and i don't ever really remember having a hard time breathing (minus thinking i was drowning at wyandot lake once). but the past few weeks, i've been coughing pretty much non-stop, even to the point of these ridiculous cough attacks when i thought i might vomit up a lung (yuck). anyways, i went to a doctor on friday and he diagnosed me with late-onset asthma. awesome.
to be perfectly honest, i didn't believe him at first. maybe he was just making it up. but once i started using the inhaler, i stopped coughing. i started breathing regularly. and now i'm starting to feel better.

he talked about how it might not be totally unnatural for someone like me to develop asthma. i'm breathing different air than i'm used to with new allergens, plus i'm working at a very stressful job (?!) -- all of which could be contributers. the only weird thing is i don't cough when i run but that might be just because i (subconsciously) force my lungs to work correctly when i push them that hard.

after talking to my coworkers, some have it or had asthma before. each gave me some tips so hopefully i won't be stopping-breathing anytime soon. that's especially good since i've been hanging out with these guys lately (my two anchors plus one photographer) while putting together my one-hour special that airs this weekend.
some days i still wonder how most of my reporter-friends got assigned 2-3 minute sweeps stories and i landed the 48-minute extravaganza. oh well.

here's a song a heard on the radio the other day. it sounded familiar but i couldn't figure out the words but i like it. breathe easy & enjoy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

you know you are old when... end up with the boring bandaids because you can buy 80 of them for $2.50 instead of getting 20 cool ones for $2.25

Sunday, July 3, 2011

not so many words.

one of my co-workers says i have allergies and that's why i've been coughing so much lately. to appease her, i've started taking allergy meds (which has helped a little maybe?) and put my voice on vacation over the weekend. yesterday, i may have said three words -- "paper" (as in, paper or plastic) and "thank you" to the bagger who gave me my groceries. the rest of my day was spent in silence. i didn't cough as much and my throat didn't hurt so bad. unfortunately, i don't have the luxury of giving my voice a break like that on a regular basis. but in case you think i'm ignoring you, i'm not. my voice is just tired.

also in a few words or less, here's my word-a-day from june:

whirlwind. pineapples. eight. thin. slide. sofa. alright. heat. solo. falling. phone. them. oops. mike. rainrun. without. co-anchor. flashfloods. trains. really. socks. panini. awkward. hurry. frisbee. sun. softball. cough. backpack. want.