Sunday, July 3, 2011

not so many words.

one of my co-workers says i have allergies and that's why i've been coughing so much lately. to appease her, i've started taking allergy meds (which has helped a little maybe?) and put my voice on vacation over the weekend. yesterday, i may have said three words -- "paper" (as in, paper or plastic) and "thank you" to the bagger who gave me my groceries. the rest of my day was spent in silence. i didn't cough as much and my throat didn't hurt so bad. unfortunately, i don't have the luxury of giving my voice a break like that on a regular basis. but in case you think i'm ignoring you, i'm not. my voice is just tired.

also in a few words or less, here's my word-a-day from june:

whirlwind. pineapples. eight. thin. slide. sofa. alright. heat. solo. falling. phone. them. oops. mike. rainrun. without. co-anchor. flashfloods. trains. really. socks. panini. awkward. hurry. frisbee. sun. softball. cough. backpack. want.


[Red Sox] Wife said...

i miss you. and your voice. but i would be just as happy to watch you on skype try to do sign language with baby d :)

sarah said...

ummm you sounded perfect on the news last night!! looks like your voice-break really worked (:

<3 your [aka the original] june word-a-day-ness. slash you shouldn't have to say paper OR plastic.. where are your reusable bags?? tsk tsk. i've already started converting m+d!

miss you.