Saturday, June 25, 2011

sock stalker / shark supporter.

my weekly shopping trip included some of these:
hah. i just loved, okay? plus i needed new socks.

my shopping trip was sort of a mixed bag, as i accidentally bought the expensive milk (same color as the milk i always buy but like $2 more! oops) and expensive grapes ($8 for a bunch of grapes, grumble grumble -- maybe the world's retribution for me getting two bunches so cheaply last time?) but at least i got to make another delicious chocolate chip banana shake with these ingredients (plus a few more).
also, my yogurt will expire on --
^ DK's BDAY!!
i'll probably eat it all before then. but it was still funny.

also...remember this?
here's what it looks like now --
i'm no mrs. D but i think it looks pretty cool.
...and it only took me five trips to the pottery painting store to do it.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

i just loved, okay? hahaha


[Red Sox] Wife said...

um I LOVE YOUR MUG. You need to make a dinosaur one for baby d!!! PS when are you coming out here?!?! i miss you too much. and i need to buy new running socks too. where did you get them?

also... chocolate chip banana shake has just been added to tonights meal. :) thanks for the idea!

sarah said...

hahaha TWIN SOCKS! we will have to party/run together. while wearing our socks. sometime (:

I LOVE YOUR SHARKFACE MUG. soso much. but mostly you.

sarah said...

HAHA ps i just noticed your post is called "sock stalker"... lolol. love you.

Maskmario10 said...


Briane P said...

Excellent mug. They used to have a pottery painting store near us, but it's gone now. I miss it. And I was way bad at it. Yours is good.