Saturday, June 11, 2011

my sister is way more artsy than me.

my sister make artistic things like it's her job. it actually used to be and now she still does awesome things. like these cool bowls that she's apparently giving away and i WANT.

meanwhile, i am bad at art. i can spend days (literally, days -- mostly because i'm just slow) painting things and they still look like this:
luckily, i finished today and they'll be firing it soon and i'll have a shark mug by next saturday. and hopefully it'll look better than it does in that pathetic picture.

also, even though i haven't been blessed with artistic talents, i do love to cook and make things with food. let's remember back to a few days ago when i wanted a banana chocolate milkshake but then realized i didn't have any cocoa. i used chocolate chips instead (and some of them were still in little pieces after the blending was done) and it was DELICIOUS.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I wish I could make a blog post about milkshakes as entertaining as you can :/

sarah said...

YUM. x2 to em's post.

Briane P said...

Now I want a chocolate chip banana milkshake, and I'm at work and can't even TRY that until I get home. Plus your smoothie on the other post looked good, too.