Monday, June 6, 2011

something random.

okay. my new blog friend briane tagged me in one of his posts, so i'm going to go ahead and follow through with continuing the chain.

first, i'm supposed to list seven random facts about myself.

2. i've been craving a chocolate banana milkshake for about a week now and i finally bought bananas and chocolate. it might be time to make one very soon.
3. i haven't drank (drinken? drunk?) pop since last monday and i'm determined to stop drinking it altogether. i've been trying to minimize my caffeine intake but finally i just decided to quit, cold turkey. so far...i'm not dead. we'll see how this goes.
4. i like cloudy days more than sunny ones. the sun gives me headaches. clouds don't.
5. i spent at least 8 hours in direct sunlight yesterday (at noah's ark!) and i didn't tan or burn at all.
6. i feel naked without mascara.
7. i've never had a ceiling fan until i moved to wausau. now i have one in my bedroom and i leave it on all the time. how did i live so long without one?

now i'm supposed to answer four questions.

1. name your favorite song - "sunday morning," by maroon 5
2. name a song you think is romantic - "sleeping to dream," by jason mraz
3. name a song you would recommend someone listen to - "uncharted," by sara bareilles
4. now name your second favorite song - "the difference," by matchbox twenty

i wrote them down so i didn't cheat. here's what these songs say about me (supposedly)...

1. this tells how you feel about yourself (i think i did the song thing wrong. this kind of doesn't really make sense).
2. this song tells how you feel about a person you secretly have a crush on (does it really? a romantic song? funny how that happens).
3. this song tells how you feel about the person you are in a relationship with (why does this quiz want me to have a secret crush on someone and be in a relationship with someone else?).
4. this song tells how you think other people view you (again, i don't think this really works. but at least you know my favorite songs now).

am i amazed at what i learned about myself? not really. but oh well. it was a valiant effort.

okay. ready for more awkward questions?

1. do you think you're hawt?

haha. how do i even begin to answer this question? was it written by a 13-year-old? (no offense, daniel) it was about 90 degrees out today. that was a little warm for me. let's leave it at that.

2. upload a picture or wallpaper that you are using at the moment.
3. when was the last time you ate chicken?

i had chicken strips at buffalo wild wings last week. yummm.

4. what are the songs you've listened to recently?

according to my itunes, i've listened to a lot of rihanna, maroon 5, justin timberlake and goo goo dolls lately.

5. what were you thinking as you were writing this?

what awesome question might be coming up next?

6. do you have nicknames?

many of them have to do with the fact that my last name changes depending on whether or not i'm on tv. here's a few:
-anna corona
-anna kron-rera
also, one of my friends at work calls me, "little face," since he says i have large eyes which dwarf the rest of my face.

7. top eight blogger friends who shall be tagged by this (should you feel so inclined, if you actually read this blog post):

8. who's listed as #1:

my #1 older sister. duh. she's an awesome blogger so maybe she'll enjoy doing it (with dustbuster's help, of course).

9. say something about #5:

she did not like when we moved our mattresses into the living room for months on end during our sophomore year of college...but she was a good sport ( :

10. how did you get to know #3?

we lived on the same floor during our freshman year. she had a "seussical: the musical" t-shirt. i had a "seussical: the musical" t-shirt. the rest is history.

11. how about #4?

she was my little sister's freshman year roommate. also she's awesome.

12: leave a message for #6:

i'm crossing my fingers for you, since i haven't heard back about that think in that state in a while. and if all else fails, we'll just open that bakery, so no worries.

13: do #7 and #8 have similarities?

well...they're both boys.

14: why does #2's blog interest you? (originally this question was about #5 but it seems dumb to do #5 twice and #2 zero times so i changed it)


alright. i think that's it.

* * * * *

dear briane: i did it. and someday when you run for president, i totally expect to ride on your bus when we go visit donald trump.


[Red Sox] Wife said...

haha of course I will do this. I only need some more time, since my day is PACKED with dustbuster crawling all over the place!! (and he was sick this weekend.. bummer!!) hope to skype with you soon?! and really loved this post :) just love meth houses and mascara sometimes.

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I like our history :)

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

PS. I knew even before I looked what your fav. song was :) You only woke up to that alarm every morning & after every nap :)

<3 you and Adam Levine!

sarah said...

<3 uncharted. + this. + you. i will do it tomorrow (: thanks for calling meeee! <3