Monday, June 13, 2011

if you like pina coladas... will want to drink this ( :
made from vanilla yogurt, shredded coconut, frozen pineapple (it was fresh but decided to freeze it so i didn't need to add ice)
and a bit of lemon juice.
in other news, i wanted to buy grapes on saturday but they're usually super expensive. i put a bag in my basket anyways, checked out and went home. it's safe to assume i was pretty surprised when i started putting away my groceries and found...
...TWO bags of grapes?!
i checked my receipt. i only was charged for one.
plus (i also didn't know) they were on sale -- $1.85 for all of these!!


[Red Sox] Wife said...

hmmm good idea. does the coconut make it chunky though??? i would maybe just do coconut milk or something. but its SUMMER!! that means pina coladas :) good to see you tonight, just LOVE that sling box!! set it to your TV Station and remind me when you'll be on so we can watch you!!!!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Gosh Freaking Dangit Anna. It took me 1/2 hour to carry my 7 bags of groceries inside...& now I'm craving everything in this post that I didn't get...


Briane P said...

As an added comment to my one on the post below, your title to this post now has me singing the "Pina Colada Song" to myself, which will not endear me to my coworkers.

sarah said...

ahhhhhhh GRAPES. i love our addiction. this is why we're sisters.

anna. said...

@mrs. d -- nope. just like anything else, you jjst need to make sure you blend it enough!

@em -- miss youuu.

@briane -- best. song. ever.

@surrah -- of course. glad i took the chance with these ones.