Monday, July 11, 2011

and then i got asthma.

remember this fun picture from my sophomore year of college when i loved to make fun of my asthmatic roommate, kimmie?
well, now i actually have asthma.
must be karma.
weird, right? i mean, my family history is pretty asthma-free (as far as i know) and i don't ever really remember having a hard time breathing (minus thinking i was drowning at wyandot lake once). but the past few weeks, i've been coughing pretty much non-stop, even to the point of these ridiculous cough attacks when i thought i might vomit up a lung (yuck). anyways, i went to a doctor on friday and he diagnosed me with late-onset asthma. awesome.
to be perfectly honest, i didn't believe him at first. maybe he was just making it up. but once i started using the inhaler, i stopped coughing. i started breathing regularly. and now i'm starting to feel better.

he talked about how it might not be totally unnatural for someone like me to develop asthma. i'm breathing different air than i'm used to with new allergens, plus i'm working at a very stressful job (?!) -- all of which could be contributers. the only weird thing is i don't cough when i run but that might be just because i (subconsciously) force my lungs to work correctly when i push them that hard.

after talking to my coworkers, some have it or had asthma before. each gave me some tips so hopefully i won't be stopping-breathing anytime soon. that's especially good since i've been hanging out with these guys lately (my two anchors plus one photographer) while putting together my one-hour special that airs this weekend.
some days i still wonder how most of my reporter-friends got assigned 2-3 minute sweeps stories and i landed the 48-minute extravaganza. oh well.

here's a song a heard on the radio the other day. it sounded familiar but i couldn't figure out the words but i like it. breathe easy & enjoy.


sarah said...

so glad you are not vomiting up any lungs. please keep breathing + being the most awesome reporter WAOW/any tv station has ever seen so you can end up at 10tv and i can take over santy's job and we can live happily ever after in ohio (: or something like that.

ps maybe you got the 48-minute extravaganza because um you are STELLAR at what you do?? just a thought (:

word: corimpoo

[Red Sox] Wife said...

cant wait for your 48 minute EXTRAVAGANZA... i bet it will be SPACTACULAR, spectacular.... :) lov eyou and your ATHSMA!!

Natalie Marie said...

you and beth can be asthma twinners! Also I'm sorry we haven't chatted yet, I never know when I should call because I don't get up until 7pm and then you have your evening shows to worry about and when you get off I'm putting together my stories, but we'll find time I'm sure ;D

Beth Grimmett said...


Like I said.... all the COOL people have asthma. Nevermind the fact that whenever TV/Movies want to depict someone as nerdy, they automatically give then an inhalor.

Oh and if you've ever seen "IT", don't believe them. Your inhalor DOES NOT have water in it.

Good Luck Babe!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...
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Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Before reading anything I saw that first picture & was like "Hey, Anna is doing her eyeliner like she did Freshman year." I was close. I am a genius.

Kimmie Evans said...

Bahahahaha!!! I know it's a little late, but I just came across this. Just to let you know, my breathing has been great for quite some time now. Glad to know the inhaler is treating you well. :)