Friday, April 30, 2010

celebrating being done with college, part 5.

^ college: year 5. finally...all 3 sisters in utah ( :
and me...ruining all of our adorable pictures.
^ i hiked the y with some awesome people. this was the second time in 2 days...since less than 24 hours before, i'd hiked it with ryan.
^ i was the executive producer for the daily news at noon.
here is my wonderful wednesday crew...
^ ...and here is my fabulous friday crew ( :
producing was a definite learning experience but way fun.
^ also for the daily news...was an advanced reporter: anna carrera.
and reported LIVE from outside sometimes.
^ went to vegas with a gorgeous group of broadcasters.
we networked, we saw cirque du soleil shows and we had tons of fun.
^ worked in the theatre again with some of my fav people and still loved it. this was for my lighting design: "children of eden."
^ had sleepovers with emily in the hospital after her accident / :
love love love her. she is my best hard-core awesome friend ever.
^ hung out with rachael in the freezing snow
and went tubing for my first time ever.
^ enjoyed the company of some awesome boys. love mikey ( :
^ made some new friends. went to some ridiculous dances.
and took some fun photo-booth pictures.
^ made up my own halloween costumes:
daphne from scooby doo (not pictured) and wonder woman.
^ actually made friends with some news people.
here we went to natalie's play in the middle of nowhere.
^ and sometimes we all went to lunch together.
please keep this tradition alive ( :
^ enjoyed time with my ward for the second year.
emily is kissing me towards the right side of this picture.
^ re-visited the festival of colors.
and i danced like the crazy hippy that i secretly am...
^ became newsroom bffs with my producer opposite: beth.
the glam girl to contrast with my just-rolled-out-of-bed look.
^ oh. and ruth's going to have a baby boy ( :
and i secretly only have one leg in the picture.

college: year 5. a little bittersweet to be done with all of it.
but that's how it was. happy graduation to me.


Natalie Marie said...

so glad I was featured in year 5! Ps I'm sad I wasn't in that friday newscast photo. But I'm so happy that I know Anna Kron, she's made my newsroom experience a bazillion times better

skroner said...

(: favorite year! only because i was a part of it with you (: lovelovelove babies and producing and anna carrera and you just mostly sometimes.