Saturday, May 1, 2010

the little things.

my project for april: instead of focusing on things that are stressing me out, think about the little things. find the tender mercies in life and be grateful for what i have instead of being concerned about things i can't control. and everyday, write down something or a few things. here they particular order.

laughter. quiet. love. sound of snow falling. buckeyes. hugs. my favorite song played on the radio (twice). feelings. it all worked out. daniel. remember. walked with me. knowing. the light turned green. breakfast. seeing someone in a different light. visit. staying up late just talking. balance. wearing the wrong shoes. shout out. "hi, anna." didn't get a ticket. family. good intentions. it doesn't matter. sunshine. brothers. sisters. rain falling all around. being found. prayer. rest from pain. foundation. enjoy each other's company. boys who are actually just friends. really good. wind in my hair. realize.

so...what's good in your life today?


Mrs. D said...

everything. BRILLIANT idea, yet again. love you, roomie.

skroner said...

(: you're perfect.