Tuesday, May 11, 2010

macarons vs. macaroons

i'm learning a lot about cooking lately...mostly that i never seem to like the recipe as it is written and always find myself changing it. also that nothing cooks quite right at this ridiculous utah altitude. but just for the record (mostly for natalie), let's get one thing straight.

these are macaROONs.
they usually have some coconut and condensed milk in them and are flaky and easy to make. they only take about ten minutes and come out looking pretty sweet.

these are macaRONs.
you usually put two of these together to make a yummy cookie sandwich with creme in the middle. they have egg whites in them and are super-hard to make (trust me -- mine obviously didn't turn out quite like the ones in the picture). also you can make them different colors.

i guess technically you could make the macaroons different colors too, but they are not traditionally colored. both of the recipes are gluten-free, so they don't have flour in them, but that is basically where their similarities end.

...besides the fact that their names look very much alike as well.

and now you know. macarons and macaroons are two different things.


Jon said...

"And knowing is half the battle." - GI Joe

Anyway, when Rachael and I are done with our diet, I will pay you to make some macaroons dipped in chocolate. They are one of my most favorite foods in the world, and it's been years since I have had a good one.

Ask Josh said...

For the record, I love both.

Mrs. D said...


I had no idea. are they said the same way?

well, either way, I loved them. And i was actually expecting the ones from that first picture when you said you were making macaroons. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the second version. so yum.

also...thanks for the chocolate chip chunky cookies. dustin just loves.

anna. said...

hah. you don't have to pay me jon ( : i'll just make them. i love any excuse to cook (especially to try new things) so just let me know when!

josh: me too! p.s. are you staying around utah for a while??

and mrs. d: i think you say it like they're spelled so a bit differently. and you're welcome. i only cook things i think dustin will love.

skroner said...

come to ohio.
make both.
teach me how.
eat and play all the time with danoo + i.
perfect plan (: