Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my life is exciting.

...i mean not really. but things have definitely been interesting lately.
^ this past weekend's cooking project was another venture into the world of european delicacies: chocolate-filled creme puffs.
^ and today my new shoes got here!
old new ozweegos.
can't wait to break them in!!
(thanks mom + dad!)

so, what is keeping me from trying out my new shoes?
oh...something about twisting / pulling / destroying
my knee / hip / quad muscle / hamstrings / pelvis / ?!?
i didn't know that was even possible, but apparently:
something is wrong.
and that something is connected to
all of the other somethings on the left side of my body.
which makes for a very painful...something?
i don't even know.
oh. and my right knee...still as misaligned as always.
and yet...somehow it's not hurting nearly as much as my, well, whatever it is on my left side that isn't working.

frustrating? yes.
more frustrating because i don't understand it? yes.
^ so now i am left with two unusual things.
a nearly-empty bottle of ibuprofen
and a bottle of PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.
i know...right? just figures.
i'll chalk this one up to some sort of
subconscious prescription-drug-envy
that my body has been harboring
ever since i started working on my documentary.
...which i am still working on.
...with my legs that don't want to work.
what a stellar past few days it's been.


Mrs. D said...

my favorite part was the shoes. YAY NEW SHOES!!!! super cute. You'll get better soon, you'll just need kevin to give you a kneading massage :)

Rachael said...

Yay for your new ozweegos. We still need to get together some time. Since your documentary is done and all. Text me sometime.

skroner said...

and just because you're documenting about prescription drugs doesn't mean you need to take them yourself.. you crazy.