Monday, May 10, 2010


there are very few things in life that i allow myself to become seriously attached to. especially when it comes to material things that come and go like the rising tide. but i still can't get over my ozweegos. here is what they look like when they are new:
and here is what they look like when they are mine:
i've had these shoes for WAY too many years. they have helped me break records on my middle school track team, run distance medleys in high school and hit the pavement for billions of miles in my college years. they have high jumped, long jumped and hurdled with me and despite probably being too old to be safe to continue to run in...they are my favorite shoes to wear when i run. they fit my feet perfectly and are somehow still incredibly comfortable. i love love love them. i'm sure they don't make them anymore, but if i ever find another one of these, you can be they'll be on my feet in a hot second. love you ozweegos. thanks for the awesome run today.


skroner said...

what's your favorite color sometimes? (:

anna. said...

sweet...only $80.

...remember how i'm broke?

) :