Monday, May 31, 2010

princess time.

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ruth said i should post this. and since i'm a good sister, i did.
but guess what? i'm taking this one step further.

how can you BECOME a princess??
well. let me tell you.
(according to

1. scout out the inheritance laws of various localities. in some countries, you can become a princess by an act of a country's legislature, which can vote to grant you the title.

2. marry a prince (duh).

3. encourage your parents to buy a country and hope they decide to designate you princess for suggesting the idea.

4. start your own country. even though it's traditional to give yourself the title of queen or empress, there's no reason you can't become a princess instead.

5. win a competition. the winner of the minnesota dairy princess program is awarded the title "princess kay of the milky way," and gets her statue carved out of butter.

and for a few more lingering thoughts, let me add these.

* i always thought it was called "walt disnep pictures"
because of the VERY MISLEADING logo:
* does belle really count as a princess? she's more like, in charge of a mansion. i don't know if that qualifies in my book.
* disney plans to add rapunzel as a princess. they're set to release the animated movie, "tangled," later this year and she is the star. oh..and ewan mcgregor does one of the voices.

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