Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the little things: part 2.

instead of focusing on things that are stressing me out, think about the little things. find the tender mercies in life and be grateful for what i have instead of being concerned about things i can't control. and everyday, write down something or a few things. here they particular order: may 2010.

a zillion shady trees. driving with the windows down. putting the right things first. but then he did. heat therapy. making it up the stairs. kind of looked great. learning from mistakes. neither this nor that. eyebrow raise from across the room. offered to go with me. tore me to pieces and put me back together. one suggestion. lost. nice long talk. found it right where i left it. somehow woke me up. doesn't hurt as much as my other leg (in comparison). zoomed past me. they seemed to like them. saying "see you later" instead of "goodbye." nice and sunny. new cake holder thing. theatre family. recognized on a national level for being awesome. boy in the red shirt with the comfy suit jacket who offered to let me wear it. being alone in the middle of nowhere. whispered it to me. everyday. done. arm around me. caught the frisbee. "miss you, kiddo." three holes in one. enjoy it while you can.

so...what's good in your life today?

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Bethie Ann said...

Anna.... I love that this is all about the little things... but I'm not in here at all. And I feel like I'm more than just a little thing. so that means I should be in here like 3 times!