Monday, June 21, 2010


hello. welcome to my life as a kitten.

it's been kind of a crazy past couple of days, and i'd be lying if i said i had more than a hazy recollection of much of anything. mostly, it's been a combination of me being sick and sleeping...a lot. for many of the days, it was probably a 3 to 1 ratio -- with me being awake for an hour or two and then sleeping for six. and when i was awake, i was taking medicine that made me feel sleepy. so if i could describe my weekend in one word, it'd probably be blurry.

but the parts that i do (sort of) remember were fun. there was a birthday party for brother-in-law mike, which had lots of cake. we barbecued at emily & andrew's, which i made a yummy strawberry walnut salad for. i know i went to church yesterday. oh...and i definitely saw toy story 3 -- AWESOME. and we watched the kardashians take miami...can't forget that.

i'm starting to feel better, but i do still feel super-tired when i realize i've been awake more than 4 or 5 consecutive hours. *sigh.* being a kitten is exhausting.

OH!!! and i almost forgot. i had the coolest dream ever. i was the star of a cirque du soleil show that took place in like a huge ocean. i had to do all these crazy dives and swim through this obstacle course and fly through the air on a wire trapeze. the best way i can describe it is: the lion king meets little mermaid. it was a pretty long dream and i remember it in very vivid detail, which is unusual for me. just another perk of being asleep for the majority of the weekend...

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skroner said...

aren't kittens supposed to be bursting with energy for the few hours they're awake?! like chasing around laser pointers and the like..?

c'mon anna, get with the program..

(and just love ts3!!)