Thursday, June 24, 2010

things that are ridiculous.

1. one of my projects today included making a map of the world out of tic tacs...seriously. since ferrero (the company that makes tic tacs -- AND ferrero rocher chocolates and nutella!) is crazy, only lame colors are sold in most stores. remember when there was light green spearmint or dark green other mint? good luck finding them...all you'll find is "green apple." so we got those -- 8 giant packs. and since there are no blue tic tacs, we got food coloring and dyed white ones (another 8 packs) so we could make oceans and stuff. anyways, it was a fun project and now we have...a glass full of green and blue (white mint) tic tacs.
2. the world cup is happening. north korea got blown out by portugal on monday by SEVEN GOALS. if you don't watch soccer, that is a lot. the north korean government had allowed the game to be broadcast live (which they basically never do) so after the terrible loss, they abruptly ended the broadcast and cut to a clip of factory workers praising their leader, kim jong il. i feel bad for north korea...their country isn't doing too hot since everyone is accusing them of having nuclear weapons and they haven't qualified for the world cup in 44 years. then i learned they only have one state-run tv channel, they ban shortwave foreign radio broadcasts and restrict internet access to rich people. WOW. remind me to never go there.

2 1/2. team usa has advanced to the second round in the world cup and team chile needs a win or a tie on friday against spain to make it through. yay chile!

3. general mcchrystal was just removed from his position of commander of troops in afghanistan because of some mean things he said in rolling stone magazine about the current administration. president obama said he showed "poor judgment" during his interview. seriously? pretty sure we have been counting on his judgment to lead our country in our war on the middle east.

4. my little brother is officially one month away from being TWELVE. how is that even possible?!

5. sometimes i bookmark things on my computer, forget about them and then find them later. like this article about how drinking slushies before working out will help you keep running longer ( :

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Jon said...

Anna, never go to North Korea.