Monday, June 14, 2010

things that are ironic.

- without fail, i ALWAYS lock my car doors. but until i moved to pleasant grove, i probably only locked my house two or three times in my life. also, there is nothing of value in my car (unless you really want a half-eaten box of multi-grain cheerios and a glove box full of fast food napkins, in which case, mr. robber, it's all yours).

- on the TVJobs website (where i was applying for jobs today), each company has to check whether or not they are an equally-opportunity employer. who's seriously going to admit they're not?

- all of the people who are trying out to be the food network's next "big star" are terrible on camera. don't they know that they are auditioning to have their own TV show and will therefore need to talk and cook things at the same time?

- i got a haircut this weekend. as the guy who did my hair said, it's "asymmetrical," which i have never tried, but sort of really like. the ironic part? now that i'm actually looking for a real life job, i decide to get a crazy fun haircut. stupid? maybe. but i like it so i don't care. plus, if brother c. is right, my news director will tell me to cut it anyways, so i might as well enjoy it while i can.

- i never wanted to come to utah. and now i can't bear to leave*.

(* or: for better or worse, can't seem to get out of here)


skroner said...

ahaha i was watching that food network star thing on tv just yesterday and i was laughing at how terrible they were on camera.. blew my MIND.

dusty would be honored to room with you, i'm sure (:

Mrs. D said...

BABY DUSTIN JUST WANTS TO BE ROOMIES WITH YOU TOO!!!! especially since he knows the kevs is competition for attention :) And you;d be better at protecting him from a gunshot. or robbers. love youuu