Tuesday, June 8, 2010

stories about cars and stuff.

1. after helping clean mikey's car this weekend (or standing next to him and watching...whatev), i've been itching to clean mine out. unfortunately, i can't find an extension cord for our vacuum, there's no electrical outlets outside near where we park and i don't have any quarters to clean it at a gas station. but then today i got an oil change and the people there vacuumed my car for me for freeee.

2. also they changed one of the bulbs* in my headlight (*i originally wrote "lamps," because that's what we call them in the theatre. but it sounds funny in real life), which was great. it still sort of looks like the orange plastic is melting off the headlight, but they said it was okay and i guess i should trust the car people, right?

3. while i was waiting for my oil to be changed, there was this old lady in the waiting room who was watching the tv and making random comments very loudly to no one in particular. when no one acknowledged her, she would just talk louder. i hope i never get old.

4. while i had cars on the brain, i decided to stop at the store and get a battery for my car door opener, since mine hasn't worked for as long as i can remember. i brought it home, changed it out and doesn't work. thoughts? suggestions?

5. also on my way home from the store, i drove behind this car that had their hazard lights flashing for like 3 miles (and farther, i'm sure, i just had to go home instead of following them until they figured it out) and it reminded me of when i was in high school and i would turn my friend's hazard lights on while he was driving and i thought it was hilarious. looking back...i was so stupid. oh well.

6. as i drove past the car with the flashing hazards, i noticed it was a lady who was like a zillion years old. i secretly wondered if she was the same lady from the oil change place and once again, i secretly wished to never get old. or at least not old and crazy.

7. why doesn't my car door opener work?? ) :


Rachael said...

Anna I love reading your stories. I also loved visiting with your sister today. Sometime all three of us should hang out. About your car unlocker thingy, I would take it to a dealership and ask them. Mine doesn't work for unlocking and it does work for locking. The dealership said it was a wavelength issue. So... maybe they will have a cool answer like that for you. Who knows, maybe the Missionaries just pressed the unlock button too much before you got the car. Silly 19 year old boys.

Mrs. D said...

hopefully drew can fix your car clicker. thats what boys are good for anyways. fixing stuff. also, old people always seem to equal crazy people. i dont know why but maybe it has something to do with all that dust in their brains?

skroner said...

i have a feeling you'll always be the hip, cool (+ crazy) aunt/mama/gma/etc. maybe that'll help with the whole getting old thing. at least it'll be fun, right? (:

and take your clicker to the car place of course! i need to take mine in soon cause (car story for you) both of the windows on the passenger side of my car don't work.. so sometimes people just don't love driving in my car sometimes.

other than that, i agree with rachael about crazy missionaries.