Saturday, May 22, 2010

even if that's not how it was.

for being a semi-young person, it seems like i've lived through a lot. from my suburban-ish upbringing to my (private school) college years to my cross-country adventures to my news life / theatre world / waitressing craziness / working busy-ness / random endeavors...i just feel like a lot has happened. when i look back's interesting to think about the things i remember.

because, it's never the endless nights i stayed awake studying. or the "guest" who was a bottomless pit and needed a zillion refills on their diet coke. or the super-long classes that bored me to death. or the mornings i woke up before the crack of dawn to tackle the news. or the late nights striking shows...long after the actors left.

it's the nights i ditched my homework and went out with friends. and the nights we threw our tips into the fountain and made wishes. and the classmates i passed notes to during super-long lectures. and the compelling stories we told on our newscast. and the yummy dinners we ate after strike even though we were too tired to see straight.

sometimes i wonder if that's somehow not quite right. shouldn't i remember the bad with the good? isn't life the balance of two opposite sides of a spectrum? can i truly enjoy the wonderful things in my life without remembering the awful things that were sprinkled in between?

maybe that's just how humans are built. kind of a self-preservation remember the things the way you want them to be...even if that's not how it it was.


Courtney said...

i agree. i seldom remember bad memories. or, i remember them for the high points. hope all is going well!

skroner said...

i love this (: