Monday, May 10, 2010

never have i ever.

if you know me at all, you know that i love to cook. which is why this weekend's culinary escapades were horrifying, to say the least.
never in my life have i ever made anything that turned out so awful that it was beyond salvaging. it was my first foray into french pastries (which, as i learned, are VERY delicate) and it was not a pretty sight. not only did i burn the dough, i also ruined the vanilla pastry creme (it didn't taste too bad...just had some "vanilla chunks" in it...).
but have no fear...i didn't quit.
instead, i salvaged the egg whites from the vanilla pastry creme (since i had only used the yolks for the recipe) and made something brand new: chocolate macarons.
i've never made them before, but i guess they are a mix between cookies and brownies. also they are yummy. ask my brothers-in-law
( : they ate almost the entire batch at dinner yesterday.
so between yesterday and today, i remade my raspberry napoleons. here are the layers before i stacked them on top of each other.
napoleons were originally my mom's idea. i told her i wanted to make something french and she said something about them. so i found a video on youtube of a guy making them and made up my own recipe (since he didn't include any measurements...) and *voila.*
i didn't burn them this time ( :
^ one more treat to put on the menu at my bakery someday.


Brian said...

So this is what you do with your time now that you're graduated. They look amazing. Maybe you should start up that bakery.

Natalie Marie said...

um yes! I want that macaroon recipe! I'm trying a new muffin recipe tonight

skroner said...

PLEASE start that bakery.
slash PLEASE let me work there?
i have good practice waitressing (: