Sunday, May 30, 2010

about a decade's worth.

that's about how much sleep i feel like i've been making up for lately. that covers my over-achieving 8th grade year, my high school years, where i pulled more all-nighters than anyone should legally be allowed to (plus seminary) + my crazy college years, which (in all honesty) were mostly sleep-deprived because i was having too much fun.

anyways. i've been sleeping a lot lately. that's what i'm trying to say. and it's usually pretty great. it is something to do when i don't feel like moving around a lot (which is fairly often, what with my left leg still hurting a lot), except for how usually i'll wake up and be in a lot of pain. apparently i'm a contortionist in my dreams and i always wake up with all sorts of hurting. but what can you do?
^ if you said, "bake more stuff," then you are right. this week, i made some old-fashioned oatmeal raisin cookies and succeeded in finding the ONE THING that my brother-on-law refuses to eat.
which means, more for me + ruth. yeahhh.
^ since my week has been pretty uninteresting (just working on my documentary and doing physical therapy all the time), let's look at more fun things. here's a picture from when me + mikey went to a byu baseball game 2 weeks ago. cougars won, mostly because we're good luck. also, if you didn't know, mikey is FAMOUS. yes, he now gets recognized in grocery stores and baseball games for being on tv.
^ it was my friend jordan's birthday two weeks ago and he always takes cool pictures of ordinary things to make them look fabulous. so to celebrate his big day, i took this picture.
^ i took this picture this past week. one day, i just needed to get out and take a break, so i just started driving around until i found this park and the park had a trail and i wandered around for a while until i got here and then i sat down and just relaxed and enjoyed the view, far from all the crazy things in my silly life. the end.

now, it's off to make some cookies with peanut butter in them so drew will have something yummy to eat ( :

**too lazy to make another post**
**cookie blog: part 2**

here are the monster cookies i decided to make today.
^ no joke. they are huge.
^ anatomy of a cookie that drew will eat:
mini chocolate chips. regular-sized peanut butter chips.
giant chocolate chips. cookie dough. square shaped.

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Mrs. D said...

haha now you know drew just about as good as I do. winner! sad day whenever you do leave, as i'm sure drew will starve and lose like 10 pounds :(