Tuesday, April 27, 2010

celebrating being done with college, part 2.

^ sophomore year...we did a lot of photo shoots this year.
one old roommate, two new ones.
^ bowling with roomie, kimmie.
and yes. i wore skirts over my pants.
^ realizing that we could wear sweats...all the time.
^ going back to my roots.
loving theatre and wearing blacks backstage.
^ power texters and other crazies...
the dangers of hula hooping on the balcony...
^ still going to byu football games?
^ jumping on the beds.
oh yeah. we moved our mattresses into the living room.
^ killer pillow fights.
and then being totally crunched.
^ wearing matching leopard-print lingerie to church ( :
love all of our different styles.
^ pummeling boys...only when they deserved it though.
(those are our mattresses on the floor behind us)
^ realizing we can dye our hair.
we did this a lot.
^ oh. and then we flipped the car on the way to california.
and had to sit in the back of a police car.

happy second year of college ( :


skroner said...

just love the reminiscing (:
makes me excited since i'm living in the same place soph year as you did!

anna. said...

just dont hula hoop on your balcony. if there's anything we learned from that year, it's that doing that only attracts creepers. so watch out ( : and have fun (duh).

skroner said...

hula hooping on the balcony will be first on my list of things to do.
got it.