Saturday, April 24, 2010

goodbye, college. hello, world.

sometime in 2005, i barely sent my forms out before the final application deadline and (by some miracle) got accepted to byu. five years and two degrees later, i'm finding myself at the end of something awesome and the beginning of something impending (hopefully not doom though) and unknown.

i've always considered myself a pro at saying goodbye, since i've had to do it at least four times a year on some side of the country or another as i went back and forth between ohio, utah and everywhere in between. if you know what i mean, know how it is. and if you've never had the pleasure..let's just say it can really wear you down. so you start thinking of different ways to make it less painful...more hopeful...less sad...more of an adventure.

it used to be, you say goodbye...i say see you later.
but starting say goodbye...and i say hello.

because today is the first day of the rest of my life.

five years ago, i would've never imagined where i'd be today, but it's turned out awesome. i bet the next 5 years will be more of the same.

so...hello. i'm anna. goes nothing.


skroner said...

hello (: i love everything about this post.

just love glee but not as much as you.

come visit or something please? ):

Courtney said...

anna! good luck with everything in the future! i'm sure i will be hearing your name.... keep in touch!

Ask Josh said...

Take luck out there in the lone and dreary world.