Tuesday, April 6, 2010

things i learned this weekend.

-wait til batter is room temperature before cooking it.
-even if you think you left early enough, you probably didn't.
-you can't have just one piece of easter candy.
-the kinkos on state street is always open (and always expensive).
-in utah, it only snows when it's supposed to be spring.
-don't park anywhere near arlington or belmont...just don't.
-you can never make everyone happy.
-trying to get a job is one of the top most expensive things ever.
-in some forms of boy language, yes means no and no means yes.
-good things come to those who wait...except for those times when they still have to wait more.
-easter candy is not breakfast.
-the most awkward part of making up an identity?
...inventing a new signature...
-don't go to the post office anytime close to lunch time.
-always expect the unexpected.
-if you teach a cat that his treats are inside easter eggs, he will try to open every easter egg that is anywhere in the house while you are gone...even if there's just people food inside...


skroner said...

i LOVE the signature you picked out (:

+ just love the kevs opening eggs.. at least he didn't eat any of it (!).

Natalie Marie said...

ditto to above statements

Mrs. D said...

ooops. that last one is my fault :) sorry. and I hope he didnt eat any chocolate :)

Anonymous said...

wait bat girl. y do u need a new identity? and girl language is much worse, where no means no except when it always means yes.